9 Things I Tried and Loved in September

Liz Smith

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We’re finally wrapping up what seemed like the longest month of the year (…am I right?) The change of seasons- and let’s be honest, this entire year in particular- definitely brings along waves of stress. But as I’ve mentioned before, stress isn’t gong anywhere – it’s more about finding healthy ways to work with it rather than trying to eliminate it. 

Below are a few things that have made the September transition that much more manageable.  For me, it’s been about morning fasting, productivity, less alcohol, self-care and getting good sleep. Take a peek at some of my September picks below:

1. Fast Bar

If you’ve tried ProLon FMD, you probably looked forward to eating these bars every morning. The Fast Bar is the same fast-supporting bar, but designed for daily (or whenever) use. The bars are great for mornings when you’re in the need of some fuel but want to stay in your fasting state. 

2. Clean Reserve Radiant Nectar Perfume

I was recently gifted this perfume and I’ve been wearing it nonstop. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and musk-y. If you’re new to non-toxic perfumes, 1. read this article, and 2. try out their gift set – you won’t be disappointed. 

Clean Reserve Radiant Nectar | The Hive

I recently treated myself to a new sleeping arrangement and was sold on a Buffy comforter. It’s temperature regulating (I’m a heater at night) and you can feel how soft it is, even inside of a duvet. Buffy’s fabric is made from eucalyptus that’s grown using 10x less water than conventional cotton. Unlike traditional down bedding, Buffy’s fill keeps 50 plastic bottles out of landfills and protects 12 geese from live plucking. 

4. Avocado Mattress

Speaking of sleeping arrangements… I upgraded my bed to an Avocado Green Mattress.  I’ve been planning on switching over to an organic mattress for a while now and Avocado was the winner out of all the options. And I will say with 100% confidence, it’s made my sleep so. much. better. And if you’re debating spending extra on the pillow top… do it. 

5. Not checking my emails first thing in the morning. 

After reading this book last week, the main thing I took away is that emails suck up creative bandwidth. I used to feel so accomplished after hitting “inbox-zero,” although I’ve come to realize that spending chunks of my morning on unnecessary email wasted a ton of my productive creative time. I started giving myself an hour + with zero screen time and time block email-sorting for late-morning, and so far I’m loving the change in productivity. 

6. Girlfriend Collective

Every time I go to the Girlfriend Collective’s website they’re ALWAYS sold out. But a few weeks ago I took another look and snagged a pair of their biker shorts, socks and sports bra. I’ve decided I’m getting the set in ever color (and I’m literally wearing it all now as I’m typing this…) Also, did I mention they’re extremely transparent about their sustainability? I’ll always go out of my way to support sustainable, eco-friendly brands. 

7. Organifi Pumpkin Spice

There’s a reason why I mentioned it twice in one week – it’s that damn good. One tub gives you 30+ servings, which averages out to be MUCH cheaper than your S-bucks PSL. Oh, and if you wanna try it for yourself, use code THEHIVE for a sweet discount. 

There are very few things I love more than getting a facial done. But with that whole pandemic thing going on, I decided to invest in tools so that I can give myself facials at home. I’m not sure why I decided to wait this long to get one of these – it’s affordable, arrived in one day and my pores are already thanking me. 

9. Kin Spritz

I’ll be honest, I’ve become a little sober-curious these days. Maybe it’s the fact I can’t handle hangovers anymore, but either way, cutting back on my nightly glass of wine has become more appealing. Kin is low calorie, low sugar and has high-quality nootropics, adaptogens + botanicals to get you feeling super relaxed without the need for alcohol. 

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