5 *Affordable* Skincare Tools for a Perfect At-Home Facial

There are very few self-care rituals that I love more than getting a professional facial. But given our current Covid-19 circumstances, splurging at the spa won’t be happening anytime soon. But luckily, there’s a handful of affordable (and close-to-professional) skincare tools to up your skincare game at home – and save some serious $$$ in the long-run.

Over the past few months, I’ve been researching, collecting and routinely using a few skin care tools at home that are often used in my professional facials. And the best part? They’re all under $100 (and some under $50). Given that most facials cost more than $100 a session, these can be used as often as you’d like and last longer than the results of one facial. 

If you want to step up your skin care game (and let’s be honest, there’s no better time) here’s 5 *affordable* skincare tools to give yourself a close-to-professional facial at home. 

Trophy Skin microdermabrasion | The Hive

Trophy Skin Microderm MiniMD, $99

Any skin care professional will tell you that *exfoliation* is key to keeping skin looking young and fresh. No matter what skin type you may have, exfoliating regularly will leave your skin more even, smoother, and will even help your skin absorb products better afterward. 

 I’ve always been obsessed with how my skin feels and looks after a professional microdermabrasion treatment. If you’ve gotten microdermabrasion done before, well, you know – its amazing.  But with treatments running anywhere from $50-200 a session, its not reasonable for my lifestyle. 

I did some research on at-home microdermabrasion systems and this one had some of the best reviews. Why I love the Trophy Skin Microderm Mini MD: 1. It’s under $100, 2. It’s  extremely easy to use, 3. it does a close-to-professional job at exfoliating my skin. Using this affordable skincare tool 3x a week has drastically improved my fine lines, pore size and texture. 

NuDerma High Frequency Wand | The Hive

NuDerma High Frequency Wand, ~ $40

This just may be the best Amazon find I’ve ever come across. If you’ve gotten a professional facial, there’s a good chance they’ve used a high-frequency on your skin. The tool itself looks like a glass rod with a little bubble on the end (the electrode) that produces argon gas and a small electrical current. When the electrode touches the skin, it generates oxygen to promote circulation and kill bacteria. High frequency treatments help heal breakouts, reduce fine lines and can even help stimulate hair growth. The device comes with multiple attachments depending on the areas you want to target.

Lymphatic Drainage | The Hive

Vibrating Beauty Bar (set of 2), $20

These “beauty bars” take gua sha to the next level. These affordable, t-shaped, vibrating bars that are great for promoting facial lymphatic drainage in the face and neck. 

The body’s lymphatic system is what helps remove bodily waste and carries white blood cells that help prevent infection. The human body contains roughly 600 small glands called lymph nodes that play a major role in the function of the lymphatic (and immune) system. The  group of lymph nodes that sit just in front of the ears (PLN’s) filter lymph fluid as it arrives from the scalp, neck, and various parts of the face. 

The flow of our body’s lymphatic system relies through our body’s movement. Have you ever had puffy under-eyes and face in the morning? That can be due to some excess lymph fluid build-up overnight, and strokes with the vibrating t-bar can help release the fluid quickly. By using the same strokes as you would practicing facial gua sha, this tool will help move lymph fluid and also give you a contoured, and revived appearance. 

Tip: You don’t need to use a ton of pressure to make it effective. Swipe the bar across your face as if you were icing a cake. 

Wildling Empress Stone, $65

Similar to the tool above, the Wildling Empress gua sha stone is amazing for facial contouring, plumping and lymphatic drainage. I like to alternate between the two depending on how much time I have in the morning, although this tool is great for those mornings when you want to give yourself a little extra TLC. 

What makes this tool unique are the trace minerals in the stone.  Unlike other gua sha stones typically made from quartz, this one’s made of Bian stone- an amalgamate of 40+ minerals known for their unique healing properties. Bian stones have the most ultrasonic pulses and the best frequency ranges.

This stone is crafted with a variety of edges that each have their own specific purpose:

U Edge – Great for hugging the jaw line, cheekbone, brow bone, the back of the neck over the spine.

Comb Edge – Stimulates flow along the flat surfaces of the face + moves energy.

The Short Edge – Perfect for smoothing the under-eye and sinuses. 

The Pointed Tip – Can be used as an acupressure tip on the areas of the face that are holding more tension. 

The Long Edge – Use for long strokes on the cheekbone and neck

After cleansing and treating your skin, apply some face oil and follow these strokes for a freshened, plump face. 

Red Light Therapy | The Hive

Red Light Lamp, $79

This is a great investment for not only your face, but the rest of your body as well. But when it comes to the face, red light therapy has been clinically shown to improve your skin’s texture and overall tone. You don’t need to fall for the insanely expensive red lights on the market – the key is to find a lamp that is 600nm in wavelength. This one I found on Amazon is advertised as a “grow lamp” for FDA reasons, although it has been fantastic for me therapeutically (it even helped regulate my circadian rhythm). It clamps onto my nightstand and is perfect to use on my face while I read binge Netflix at the end of the night. This red light lamp is affordable, hands-free and great quality for the price.

Step by Step Guide for a Professional Facial

Here’s how to incorporate the tools above to give yourself the perfect, at-home facial:

  1. Cleanse (and do it twice!)
  2. Steam
  3. Exfoliation – Trophy Skin Microderm MiniMD 
  4. Extraction (if necessary)
  5. High frequency rod 
  6. Facial Mask
  7. Massage – gua sha or t-bar 
  8. Final Applications in this order: serum, moisturizer, oil. 
  9. Red light – 15 mins. 

Liz Floyd

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