3 Fall-Inspired + Functional Drinks for Stress Relief

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It’s safe to say that we live in a world that is overly-stimulated. People are finding themselves more stressed than ever, and unable to concentrate during the day and get some solid sleep at night. With school starting, elections approaching and the non-stop news about our world’s pandemic – stress is completely inevitable. But dealing with stress is about working with it, not eliminating. it. And finding practices that you can easily incorporate into your day-to-day will make stress much more manageable for our lifestyles. drinks for stress-relief 

For those who are looking to find something thats convenient, supportive and effective, calming beverages are a great way to help lower cortisol and manage stress. 

We love sipping on functional beverages to lower stress for a number of reasons: 1. they can help us bring ourselves back to the present moment, and 2. warm beverages can help bring a sense of comfort ,especially during this time of year.  

Lucky for us, more companies are providing clean, functional beverages that are designed to help lower stress and cortisol levels to a balanced state.

Whether you’re looking to start the day with low stress or wind down at night, we’ve listed our top three functional drinks for stress relief for you to sip on this fall. 



MUD\WTR™ is a coffee alternative consisting of organic ingredients lauded by cultures old and young for their health and performance benefits. With 1/7th the caffeine of coffee, MUD\WTR™ gives you natural energy, focus and more without the jitters and crash.


  • Zero sugar and no sweeteners added.
  • 1/7 of the caffeine in a cup of coffee.
  • Designed to keep you calm, alert, and sharp but still able to fall asleep at night.
  • Loaded with all-organic cacao, chai, mushroom blends + more.


drinks for stress-relief 

2. Organifi GOLD Pumpkin Spice

Once you try this, you’ll never go back to your regular PSL. This all-organic pumpkin spice superfood tea delivers a warm rush of sweet, autumn-inspired warmth. Organifi’s seasonal drink is designed with the flavors of fall in mind that is healthy, satisfying and nourishing for the body. And the best part? It has ZERO sugar. 


  • It’s a gently-dried blend of turmeric, ginger, and reishi and other powerful superfoods.
  • You can mix it in warm water or your favorite milk substitute and drink it any time of day.
  • Contains 26 calories, 1 g of fat, and 0 g of sugar.



drinks for stress-relief 

3. Pique Tea Cinnamon Herbal Fasting Tea

Pique Tea has been our go-to tea company since the birth of The Hive. We love the cinnamon tea because its cozy, comforting, and caffeine free. Studies have also shown that the scent of cinnamon helps your body relax and makes you feel less stressed, making it the perfect beverage to sip on in-between meals or at the end of a long day.


  • Helps to increase satiety and promote calm.
  • Supports natural healthy blood sugar balance.
  • Bergamot, burdock root and spearmint add zest and depth.
  • No added anything – free of preservatives, sugar and artificial sweeteners.
  • Triple Toxin Screened for pesticides, heavy metals and toxic mold.



drinks for stress-relief 

Editor’s Note: This article contains affiliate links. The Hive uses commission from our affiliate advertisers (not from you) to fund operations of the business. Have a question? Shoot us a note.

Featured Image: MUD\WTR™

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