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*FYI* – this Heart and Soil Supplements review was first written in 2020 and we updated it to reflect our current thoughts. In short, we’re still obsessed. 

In one of my quarantine-fueled reading excursions, I decided to puruse The Carnivore Code written by Dr. Paul Saladino, M.D. which exudes the benefits of eating a primarily, if not entirely, animal-based diet.  One of the key tenants of the book was that to successfully eat “carnivore,” you need to incorporate organs into your diet as they contain most of the key nutrients the body needs. 

In other words, meat alone doesn’t cut it.  If the prospect of eating organ meat sounds disgusting to you, Dr. Saladino has you covered with his line of organ supplements – Heart & Soil supplements.  

For those of us who are perfectly fine chowing down on ground beef, ribeye and other fine cuts of meat day in and day out, but who get a bit, uh, squeamish at the prospect of eating a kidney, Dr. Saladino’s supplement line helps you integrate these nutrient-dense powerhouses into your diet. Heart and Soil supplements Review

What Are Heart & Soil Supplements?

Heart & Soil is a line of regeneratively farmed, New Zealand grass fed and grass finished, flow-agent free bovine (cow) organ supplements, specifically geared to provide you with the vital nutrients your various body systems need to function optimally. 

After reading Dr. Saladino’s book, (you can read my review here) and then also listening to his podcast, The Fundamental Health Podcast, I decided to give Heart & Soil supplements a try.  And let’s just say I don’t think I’ll be returning to synthetically-derived or plant-derived supplements any time soon.  

You can actually feel the difference when you take these supplements. These little gut bombs actually contain the nutrients your body craves but you never give it (because how often do you fry up a nice fat piece of cow thymus to nom on?).

So how do I feel when I take Heart and Soil supplements? Fantastic.  Energetic.  Nourished. My energy is better, my sleep is better (and more regulated), my digestion is better and I actually feel like I have gotten the nutrients my body needs – even if I eat like crap on the particular day in question.  Here is a run-down of the Heart and Soil products I’ve taken to date. And yes, this gets updated as they come out with more products so check back for updates you caveman (or cavewoman). Heart and Soil supplements Revie


Fire Starter

Fire Starter is what you can probably call a catalyst product.  It is literally fat.  Pure fat.  Kidney suet, to be exact.  However, these bad boys are chock full of stearic acid, which does nice things like turn on mitochondria, trigger higher metabolism, and assist your body with the uptake and utilization of many of the fat soluble nutrients in Heart & Soil’s other products.  

I love this product.  I notice that my energy is through the roof, my metabolism is on fire, my concentration (oddly enough) is vastly improved, and my skin and hair is far more moisturized.  I cannot recommend Fire Starter enough.  Fat is literally fuel for your body. Paul Saladino Supplements Heart and Soil supplements Review

Bone Marrow and Liver + Beef Organs

Heart & Soil Bone Marrow and Liver and Beef Organs are what I would call the foundational products of the supplement line.  I would consider either of these two products to be a “multivitamin” in Heart & Soil’s lineup.  These products should be the foundation of your supplement regimen and will provide you with a well-rounded dose of the highly bioavailable vitamins and nutrients that your body craves.  These were the first two products I tried from Heart & Soil, and I could feel their effects immediately (which aside from maybe pre-workouts is something I had never experienced).  If you’re only going to get one product from Heart & Soil, either of these should be it due to their broad nutrient profiles. For extra fun, pair with Fire Starter.  Paul Saladino Supplements

Gut and Digestion

This what I would call one of Heart & Soil’s “specialty” products in that it is specifically designed to address a particular body system, in this case, the gastrointestinal system.  This unique blend is designed to help heal leaky gut, reduce gut and bowel inflammation and provide the nutrients necessary to help support healthy gut function.  I combined this product with Ion Biome (you can read about my experience with it here), and I will say that my gut inflammation has been radically reduced. I feel like my body absorbs what I eat more efficiently, and I have significantly reduced the amount of gas and bloating I used to experience.  If you have gut issues and are looking for a product that can provide you vital nutritional support, I would highly recommend this productPaul Saladino Supplements

Histamine & Immune

This is another of Heart & Soil’s specialty products.  Histamine & Immune is geared to support your immune system (who doesn’t want a bit more help in that area these days – looking at you COVID), and those with histamine intolerances.  Think of it like an organ Emergen-C for winter and allergy season.  If you struggle with immune issues or allergies, this organ blend could be for you.  

Life Blood

This is literally blood.  Whole blood.  Heart & Soil has managed to package blood.  However, don’t let that put you off. Blood is an organ and has been highly prized for millennia by our ancestors as a valuable  life giving source of vitality.  This product is probably best suited for those who, (a) have some type of anemia, or (b) want to increase athletic performance.  Looking back, I wish I had a supplement like this when I was still swimming, as my oxygen deprived brain and muscles could have certainly used the assistance.  My wife also takes this when she’s on her cycle and loves it. If you need a blood boost, look no further and try out the Life Blood (you vampire you).

Grass-Fed Colostrum

Grass-Fed Colostrum – formerly known as “Immunomilk” – is nothing but grass-fed colostrum, aka the nutrient rich first milk mother’s produce for their young. Don’t worry, the cow’s overproduce this stuff so you’re actually helping to not waste it, the baby cows get all they need and then some.  This stuff is packed full of nutrients, growth and immune factors that provide a variety of benefits that people of any age can benefit from.  Colostrum is also fantastic for gut health and has been shown to quickly remedy gut and skin issues like psoriasis.  Pair this with Histamine & Immune or Gut & Digestion and you have a powerful one two-immune boosting punch. 

Bone Matrix

This is Bone Matrix, a form of ground bone powder giving you all the active nutrients, minerals, and connective tissues you need to support your skeleton.  This isn’t one you’ll “feel” like some of the others, but it definitely is beneficial for those who have calcium deficiencies or are looking to generally strengthen their skeletal structure (like older individuals). 

Skin Hair & Nails

Do you want luscious locks, clear skin and diamond-hard nails? Then get Skin, Hair & Nails.  This is probably the most bioactive collagen you can get your hands on (none of that hoof garbage you find the store).  This stuff is fantastic for wound healing (I scraped myself up and it healed in like half the time when taking this stuff).  My hair also started growing twice as fast, which is saying something for me.  My wife Liz (if you didn’t know by know, she’s the face behind The Hive) started taking this stuff and she started sprouting new hair on head like a chia pet.  Both guys and gals alike should grab a bottle. 

Whole Package

This is my Whole Package.  What is it? RAWR in a bottle.  VROOM VROOM in a bottle.  Swag – ok you get it.  More specifically, it’s a blend of bull testicles, liver and blood.  I’ve tried a ton of herbal “test boosters” and pretty much all of them were garbage.  This stuff? It’s the real deal.  Since taking it, my strength has increased, my energy is steady, my self-confidence shot up, and overall my hormones seem more regulated (in a manly way, duh).  Your partner will thank you. You will thank you.  You will thank me later (you’re welcome). Grab life by the balls and grab yourself the Whole Package   

Her Package

(Liz chiming in here.) This supplement, by far, is my #1 from H&S. Her Package is made with grass-fed and finished uterus, fallopian tubes, liver, kidneys and  and ovaries. Doesn’t sound appetizing, although I feel more feminine than ever when I take it. Even my husband (the one writing this article) notices a difference when I take it. I truly think it affects my pheromones because I can’t keep him off of me, and vice versa. Side note/ TMI – my boobs got bigger without gaining any extra weight elsewhere and my cycle became more normal – BIG wins for me. 

Mood Memory & Brain

Three things we could use a bit more help with these days: Mood, Memory & Brain. Mood, Memory & Brain is a trifecta blend of brain, bone marrow and liver.  What can you expect? Well, I noticed a definite difference in positive outlook (which my wife even noticed in me), focus, mental clarity, and oddly enough, task motivation.  Natural Adderall if you will. It won’t make you Einstein, but it will give you a higher mental and emotional baseline to work with. Try it for yourself and see why Mood, Memory & Brain is a best-seller for a reason. 

Pure American Liver

Want your liver sourced exclusively from the land of the free and the home of the brave? Then this one is for you.  Not looking for a blend of organs? Then you’re in luck. As the name suggests, it is 100% Pure American Liver.  Since it’s a Heart & Soil product, you know it’s sourced from cows that are grass fed and finished.  Personally, I’m digging the 1940’s era branding. 

Joint Strength & Repair

Similar to Skin, Hair & Nails, Joint Strength & Repair is a collagen supplement.  Formulated to support your now snapping, popping, and creaking joints, it is the natural route to those mega bottles of glucosamine and chondroitin you see at Costco.  Grab a bottle and you just might notice that you need slightly less Icy Hot next time you get ready to workout. 

The Verdict? I’ll be a lifelong customer. 

In short, I would highly recommend any supplement from Heart and Soil to anyone looking to increase their intake of whole animal foods and reap the benefits.  Organs don’t exactly come off as the most appetizing things to eat, but Heart & Soil makes them easy to incorporate into your diet.  

I have noticed a dramatic improvement in how I feel since I’ve been taking them.  If you’re on any sort of “carnivore” diet (or simply want to incorporate high quality animal foods into your regimen) these products are for you.  Dr. Saladino has hit a home run with these supplements and I look forward to trying whatever he comes out with next.  Check back periodically for updates as new products roll out!

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  1. Sara says:

    I’ve been taking Heart & Soil supplements for a few months now and I have to say, I’ve noticed a significant difference in my overall health and energy levels. Thanks for this review, it’s great to see that the formula hasn’t changed much since last year and still seems to be doing wonders for many people

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