Clearstem Launched a Clean Haircare Line – And We’re Impressed

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clearstem haircare review

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There’s a lot of “clean” hair care out there, but finding a line that actually works for me has been a failed mission for many years now.  As a girl with fine, oil-prone hair, most non-toxic hair products either make my hair overly dry or overly oily. So I’ve succumbed to the fact that clean haircare products are not in the picture for me  – and effective (and potentially toxic) hair care is a poison I’m willing to pick for the sake of a good hair day. clearstem haircare review

A few months ago, CLEARSTEM, a clean skincare brand I’ve become quite obsessed with, reached out about their upcoming product launch: a non-toxic, anti-acne haircare line. But to be honest, I was was a bit reluctant to try it out. It’s really, really hard to nail good *clean* hair care. But the company sent over few a little test bottles for me to try so I gave it a go. 

And right off the bat, I was seriously impressed. clearstem haircare review

Why Care About Acne-Friendly Hair Care?

Did you know haircare can cause acne? I mean it makes total sense, but that thought had never really crossed my mind. It wasn’t until I saw CLEARSTEM founders Kaleigh and Danielle discussing how certain ingredients in conditioners and shampoos can clog pores. Their entire skincare and hair care line is free from any acne-causing ingredients. So if you’re acne-prone and not sure why it’s not clearing up, your hair products may be to blame. 

CLEARSTEM’s line is a game-changer for those with sensitive, acne-prone skin. Both the shampoo and conditioner are designed to reduce the risk of scalp, back, and forehead acne by eliminating excess oil and harsh fragrances.

About Clearstem’s Luxury Haircare Bundle

CLEARSTEM sells the products individually and as a bundle. The bundle includes:

  • Restorative Shampoo
  • Repair Conditioner
  • Scalp scrubber
  • Claw clip
  • CLEARSTEM Restorative Shampoo Review:
  • Packaging: Comes in a squeezable bottle, making it easy to dose out. 
  • Smell: A little minty; not my favorite, but very light overall. 
  • Usage: A little goes a long way, making it cost-effective.
  • Results: Lathers easily, leaving hair lightweight and extra clean without feeling stripped of moisture. 

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

  • Rosemary Oil: Stimulates hair growth
  • Spearmint Oil: Soothes the scalp.
  • Chamomile Extract: Calms and conditions.

CLEARSTEM Repair Conditioner Review:

  • Packaging: Comes in a tub, which can be hit or miss for me as I find it a bit tricky to keep the product free from shower water. But I appreciate that you can scrape every last bit out of it.
  • Scent: light hints of mint and vanilla. Not my favorite, but not as strong as the shampoo.
  • Texture: Buttery and light. It feels like you’re applying a mask to your hair. 
  • Performance: Hydrates and detangles without weighing hair down, perfect for my tangle-prone hair. A little goes a long way and my hair dries feeling clean and extra smooth. 

Key Ingredients and Benefits: 

  • Almond Seed Cake: Coats the hair shaft in a natural peptide that prevents breakage.
  • Kokum Seed Butter: Non-comedogenic seed butter improves hair moisture and prevents dryness.

Do I recommend? Absolutely

CLEARSTEM’s hair care line is acne-friendly, sulfate-free, and leaves hair feeling clean and lightweight. They’ve allowed me to extend the time between washes, which is a huge win for my oily hair.

Yes, the products are a bit pricey compared to drugstore shampoo and conditioner, but the longevity and results make it worth every penny IMO. And if you value good hair like I do, finding products that are effective, clean and have longevity is worth the bigger price tag. 

After two months of using CLEARSTEM’s luxury hair care line, I’m still working through both products and my hair has never felt (or looked) better. And if they come out with any other hair products (maybe a dry shampoo?) I’ll be absolutely thrilled. 







clearstem haircare review

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