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As many of you know, we are very conscious of what we put in our bodies and on our bodies.  We eat animal-based, we ozonate our produce, and we drink reverse osmosis water, and only use clean body care products.  But there’s a sneaky bad guy out there that many people ignore – your shower.  This is obviously a problem.  We live in San Diego, and frankly, the tap water is horrific.  No one wants to bathe in the toxic soup that is tap water: chlorine, sediment, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, the list goes on. jolie filtered showerhead

The solution? The Jolie Filtered Showerhead.  Here’s our Jolie shower head review and six reasons why we love ours.

It filters out chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides + more

Our shower water isn’t as clean as we think. And just because we aren’t “drinking” it doesn’t mean its not hurting our hair, skin and internal health. 

While the EPA claims our tap water is safe to consume, tap water is still fortified with high levels of fluoride and contaminated with heavy metals, toxic waste, pesticides and more. 

So what makes this filter better than others? The Jolie showerhead uses KDF-55 –  aka “the Ferrari of water filtration.” KDF-55 is a combination of copper and zinc shavings that naturally neutralize chlorine and other heavy metals through a redox process.

Between KDF-55 and Calcium Sulfite balls, the Jolie filtered shower head allows you to get clean without soaking your hair and skin in heavy metals, chlorine and pesticides. 

So, does it really work? The company conducted third party testing which confirmed that it removes chlorine at over 85% for the lifespan of the filter. The NSF177 standards (aka – the standards for labeling and contaminant reduction for shower filters) are only 50% removal of chlorine.

The Jolie Filtered Showerhead Is extremely easy to Install

For many, plumbing can be a daunting challenge.  Pipes? No thanks.  Fortunately, Jolie is very easy to install – it only takes about five minutes.  Honestly, the longest part of those five minutes is probably spent trying not to gag when you see the crust of crap that’s built up on the inside of your old shower head. 

Even better, the Jolie filtered shower head comes with everything you need to install it.  The shower head, the filter, waterproof tape, and wrench.  Pop off your old shower head, follow the directions, and you’ll be enjoying filtered shower water in no time. 

Replacing filters? It’s a snap.  Simply unscrew the face plate, swap, and screw it back on.

It Improved Our Water Pressure

This was an unexpected benefit, but a welcome one for sure.  Our previous shower head had weak water pressure, and as everyone who deals with it knows, it’s frustrating.  Once we installed our Jolie, however, we’ve been enjoying great water pressure without having to make any other plumbing changes.  Talk about a win.

You can actually *feel* a difference

Since we’ve been showering with our Jolie shower filter, we notice a substantial difference in how our hair and skin feels after a shower.  Gone is the chlorine dryness on the skin.  Our hair feels hydrated, not stripped of its moisture.  And I’ll even admit – my wife’s hair looks significantly healthier since using it. 

The Jolie makes such a difference, it’s actually ruined showering in really nice hotels because of how bad the water is without it. I’ve honestly considered packing a spare Jolie on longer trips just so I can continue to enjoy good water quality while showering. 

It looks great jolie shower head

For the more aesthetically inclined among us, the Jolie is actually looks good installed.  Many shower filters are just ugly, and take away from the aesthetic of the shower.  Not an issue with the Jolie.  In fact, the Jolie comes in different colors to match your bathroom’s style, and your own personal vibe.  We opted for the black because we have dark hardware in our bathroom and it looks great.

photo: jolieskinco.com

Set it & forget it filters

Lastly, Jolie makes ordering filters as easy as, well, taking a shower.  You get a fresh filter shipped to your door every three months when you sign up for the filter subscription, which is perfect because that’s how long a filter lasts.  A filter subscription costs a little more than thirty dollars a quarter, which comes out to about ten bucks a month.  You spend that much on coffee every week. 

Is the Jolie Filtered Showerhead Worth it?

The Jolie is a breath of fresh air in the water filtering world.  If you’re looking to make an easy improvement on your health this year, start by adding shower filters throughout your house. The Jolie filters are stylish, effortless, and they actually have benefits you can feel from the first use.  

Go ahead, treat yourself to a clean shower experience.   Happy showering!

Jolie Filtered Showerhead

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