5 Random Things I Tried & Loved in February

Liz Smith

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New month, new round-up of products that have upgraded my wellness in one way or another. 

I’m never one to gate-keep anything worthwhile – so here are a few of the wellness tools and products that I tried and absolutely loved this past month. 


price: $3297

I’ve been using PEMF technology for a few years now, but this past month was my first time using the HAELO. Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency, or PEMF, is a non-invasive therapy that helps resolve cellular dysfunction, support recovery and promote overall wellness. Personally, PEMF helps get me into a relaxed state at night, noticeably reduces my joint pain and also energizes me in the morning. 

If you’re completely new to PEMF, read our full article here on why we’re loving it. And if you’re looking to purchase a HAELO PEMF machine, you can use our code THEHIVE for a solid discount. 

Jones Road Beauty | The Hive

Jones Road Beauty

Price: from $22

When I heard Bobbi Brown started a new clean beauty brand, I was thrilled. I’ve always appreciated her beauty approach – an emphasis on natural beauty and a fresh, healthy glow (and never over-done.)

And her new line of makeup products do just that.My top picks: The Mascara + What The Foundation. 

Kion Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar | The Hive

KION Chocolate crunch PROTEIN Bars

Price: $35 for a 12 pack

I’m personally not a fan of most protein bars, mostly because they’re filled with gums, plant proteins and artificial sweeteners that typically have the same health score as a candy bar. 

Last month I got a chance to try Kion’s new chocolate crunch protein bar and I’m not going to lie, they’re delicious. And very clean. 11 grams of grass-fed protein, honey, coconut, almonds and other paleo ingredients that get our rare stamp of approval. 

Get them for 20% off automatically through my link below (or use code THEHIVE at checkout for 20% off.)

Redmond Re-lyte 

Price: 41.99

If there’s a product that goes faster than anything else in our house, its our Redmond Real Salt. We slap that sh*t on pretty much everything to get extra quality minerals into our diet.

So when my husband came across Redmond’s electrolytes, it was a no-brainer purchase. In short, we love it. We stared making our own “gatorade” with it by adding fresh lemon and lime and its the perfect afternoon or post-workout drink. Highly recommend adding it to your Amazon cart (we get the unflavored one.) 


Price: from $49

There’s been a ton of talk about cell phone EMF and negative effects on long-term health (specifically, fertility.)  My husband and I recently decided to try the SafeSleeve phone case 

I can’t say its the sexiest looking case out there, but its functional and gives me peace knowing that it helps protect us from potential health risks. If you’re skeptical and want to see if this actually works or not, watch me test it here. *Tip – make sure to get the detatchible version. 

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