5 Products I tried and loved in April

Liz Smith

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Another month of 2021 down, which means another month of product testing for The Hive. And this month was a good one. When it involves trying out clean wine and meal programs, I’m all in. 

I rounded up my favorite April products that I tried, loved and are 100% worthy of sharing. And if you’ve tried any of the products below, share your thoughts in the comments below. xx

Usual Wines | The Hive

Usual Wines

 It wasn’t until this past month that I realized how much added sugar is in wine – even organic ones. USUAL Wine sponsored a digital event I attended and I was thoroughly impressed with how tasty it was (and honestly, how I didn’t get a hangover after 2 glasses.) Zero sugar, zero guilt and they come in one-glass servings so you’re not tempted for “just one more.” 12/10 recommend.


Ogee | The Hive

OGEE Makeup

Been using these non-toxic makeup sticks on repeat and impressed with the quality and color. I take the “less is more” approach with makeup – so a quick swipe of the sculpted face stick on the cheeks, some lip oil and a quick spritz of the botanical face mist makes me feel zoom-ready in 2 mins. 
Malibu Nights Dime Beauty | The Hive

Jack Henry Men’s Deodorant

Yes, I tried a men’s deodorant. And to be honest, I’m thoroughly impressed. My fiancé has been using this non-toxic deo for months (it seriously lasts a while.) And when I realized I forgot to pack my deodorant on our most recent vacation, I used his – and I really love it. Ladies, get this for your man. Fellas, it’s worth pulling the trigger on this clean line of men’s care. Sorry if your deodorant goes missing, hunny.

Culligan Water Filter | The HIve


We’ve been toying around with the idea of getting a whole house water filter + softener for quite some time. If you live in California, you know that our “hard” water is no joke. Our faucets are all coated in calcium buildup and lately we’ve been smelling like chlorine after walking out of the shower. Not ideal when you’re trying to live a low-tox lifestyle. 

Last week we pulled the trigger on a Culligan whole house water filter and softener. We opted for a salt-based softener (covers faucet in the house, including the shower) and a reverse osmosis unit under our kitchen sink for drinking. The pricing is amazing and they offer great financing options no matter what your budget is. And if you’re in a rental, fear not – you can always get shower head filter to limit your exposure to tap water toxins. 


Malibu Nights Dime Beauty | The Hive

Dime Beauty Malibu Night Perfume

If you’re not on the non-toxic fragrance train yet, here’s the perfect perfume to start with. Not only is this perfume non-toxic – it seriously smells like a sultry dream. It has an insane amount of 5-star reviews for a good reason. 

Click and Grow

The perfect solution for those who want to grow their own product, but don’t have the yard for it. I recently got the Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 and I’m impressed with how quick and easy it is to set up and get going. My pods are just starting to sprout – full product review is coming this May. 

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