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Mother nature is finally showing signs of spring – and we’re here for it. 

Rather than sticking to our winter favorites, the new season is a perfect time to switch up what we drink. And since April is Earth Month, it’s the perfect opportunity to try out “clean” wines: aka sustainable, natural and organic wines. 

As the weather warms and our taste buds start to crave flavors that match the season, it’s a perfect time to start picking out wine that fits the mood. Here are a few clean wines that are perfect for the spring season. 


Created by Katherine Power and Cameron Diaz, Avaline offers a range of clean wines made with organic grapes and zero herbicides or pesticides. 

They’re free of added sugars, colors and unnecessary concentrates. Our favorite: the easy-drinking, crisp & dry White


Wonderful Wine Co.

Wonderful Wine Co. is a new line of wine from parent company Winc. Not only is their wine keto + low-carb, it’s pesticide-free, low in sulfites, made with organic grapes, vegan-friendly and contains no added sugar. Depending on the bottle, the grapes are also either sustainably-farmed, Sustainability in Practice (SIP) certified or certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Our favorite: The Orange – A Californian white made in the style of a red. Has notes of citrus, white peach and honeysuckle.

Casa Emma | The Hive

Casa Emma

Stationed in the hills of Tuscany, Casa Emma is a family-owned vineyard that is internationally known for their Chianti Classico. 

Casa Emma is a certified biodynamic winery and uses only organic grapes for their wine making. The property is also home to 80 native geese that feed on the grass and insects in the vineyard, which eliminates the need for harmful pesticides and the use of tractors in the vineyard. 

Our favorite: the Chianti Classico Riserva. Sangiovese grapes with aromas of red fruit, undergrowth and pepper. All we need to say is that they’re known for it!

They also offer free international shipping with code: CASALIZF

Usual Wines | The Hive

Usual Wine

Usual Wine is quality, single-serving wine that doesn’t come in a 750 mL bottle. Usual Wine makes their wines in small, sustainably farmed batches with zero additives, no added sugars & no added chemicals. Also, the wine range has zero grams of sugar – and you wouldn’t be able to tell. 

Why we love Usual: they come in single-serving bottles, perfect for the times you don’t want to crack open a new bottle (or be tempted to have that second – or third – glass.) They currently offer a rosé, a red blend and brut. 

Our favorite: the Brut. It’s easy to drink, not too sweet and has just the right amount of *crisp* to it. 

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