Liz’s Picks: What I Tried and Loved in March

Liz Smith

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Hello, April. The anniversary of lockdown came and went and we’re already in Q2 of 2021. Where the heck has time gone?

March, surprisingly enough, was one of my favorite months of my entire life. I got engaged (!!!), went spent the following week in Maui, spent the the next traveling around Arizona, and even shot my first commercial. As twisted as the world is, March has been a reminder that life is what we really make of it – and that I truly enjoy my time at home with my dog (and still hate getting my nose swabbed.) 

Being the founder of this blog comes with the amazing opportunities to test out some amazing (and some not so impressive) products on a daily basis. Every month I round up some things I’ve tried and truly love – and I mean it when I say, these products and experiences are worth the purchase.

Civana Carefree | The HIve

Civana Wellness Resort – Carefree, AZ

The highlight of my month might actually be the highlight of my year – my stay at Civana. Civana is a wellness resort and spa located in Carefree, AZ (there couldn’t be a better name for this part of town.) My mother and I spent three amazing days attending workouts and going on hikes, indulging in the hot/cold plunge pools and experienced the best spa treatment of my life. No lie – it was THE BEST spa I’ve ever been to. No matter where you’re located, experiencing a few days at Civana needs to be at the top of your list. 

PrAna ReZion Pants

Meet the pants that I’ve been wearing on all my recent outdoor adventures. PrAna’s ReZion collection is a sustainable upgrade from their cult-favorite Zion pants. Made from recycled nylon, this collection is designed for outdoor performance with all the strength and stamina to take you through all your adventures in years to come. 

My personal favorite: the Sky Canyon Jogger. It has the perfect amount of stretch and looks great whether I’m on a hike or taking Ziggy out on a walk. 


Lane Eight Trainer AD 1

Meet Lane Eight  a sustainable sneaker line for men and women. Their Trainer AD 1 is made from recycled plastic bottles, Algae-based foam and vegan suede – and even captures 64 cubic meters of carbon dioxide .
My fiancé and I both have a pair and we’re BIG fans of how comfy and stylish they are. 10/10 recommend. My favorite color: Dusty Taupe.

Miracle Noodle

I’m not sure how I lived my life before trying out these noodles  I can’t say they’re better than what you get in Italy, but for people like me who can’t handle the stomach pains from penne (or on a grain-free, low-carb diet) these are for you.

Miracle Noodles are made out from the konjac plant, which make the noodles 97 percent water and 3 percent fiber – aka low cal and safe for diabetics. The noodles come in all forms you can think of – from penne and rice to angel hair pasta. My favorite: Miracle Noodle fried rice.

Haus Grapefruit Jalapeńo Apertif

Like a twist on a spicy marg, but less sugar and much easier to prepare. Haus is known for their apéritifs and this blend of fresh grapefruit, Makrut lime leaves, pink peppercorn, and subtle jalapeño is not one to miss. Try a pour of it on the rocks with a fresh squeeze of lime.

Soooo Ketolicious Pizza Crust | The Hive

Soooo Ketolicious Pizza Crust

The only gluten-free, keto-friendly crust that doesn’t 1. fall apart, 2. taste like cardboard. Whether you’re low-carb, keto or gluten-free, a pack of these crusts are worth keeping in the freezer. My favorite recipe: sausage, sage + feta pizza. 

Hu Kitchen Grain-Free Cookies

I’ve been a major fan of Hu Kitchen ever since I picked up one of their chocolate bars in Whole Foods. And I’ve tried it all – the Hunks, the Crackers, and now… their new line of cookies  To be honest, I got a sample of the entire line and they barely lasted the weekend. HIGHLY recommend the snickerdoodle! 


The Ooler SLeep System

Ever wish you can climb into a warm bed at night? Or maybe you wish your bed would cool down at night? Well, this sleep system makes every option possible, no matter what kind of sleeper you are.

The OOLER Sleep System has 100% changed my quality of sleep for the better. It’s a hydro-powered bed heating and cooling system with a thermal range that operates from 55-115°F. We’ve been using our ours for a week and we’re already huge fans. Each side of the bed heats separately and controlled through an app on your phone. My fiancé sleeps cold, I sleep warm- and now we both sleep happy. *get 15% off yours with code OOLER15

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