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Hannah Gerber

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I remember when I was finally ready for my clothing purchases to align with my values, I was at a loss for where to start. I didn’t know much about greenwashing yet, but I knew I didn’t feel good about shopping H&M’s Conscious line. I was ready to spend a bit more per piece and shop less frequently, but if I was going to spend more, I wanted my pieces to be both ethical and high quality. I would Google “ethical clothing brands” and sift through pages upon pages of suggestions, but it felt so overwhelming. How do I know these brands are truly sustainable and not just doing the bare minimum so they  can put buzzwords  in their About Us section? wearwell review

Enter wearwell, a virtual styling membership that, in my opinion, is the best way to discover the best value-driven brands. The founders of wearwell, Erin Houston and Emily Kenney, feel passionately about providing the most ethical, sustainable options — no shortcuts or loopholes involved. With brands like People Tree, Outerknown, etc, wearwell is partnering with companies that are not only practicing slow fashion, but also paying their employees a livable wage and making an impact  in the way they make their garments. wearwell review

How does wearwell work?

Before signing up for your free trial, you’ll fill out a style quiz that will give your stylist some insight into your preferences, as well as what kinds of events you’d like to be dressed for. Within about a week, you’ll get your first stylist picks via e-mail. I love the way that wearwell shares stylist picks along with some bonus items that they share with all members that month. You have five days to look over your selection and make a purchase. 

How much does wearwell cost?

wearwell membership is $8.50/month and offers a free trial month. The membership dues also go toward anything you choose to snag. To me, $8.50 (the price of one fancy latte after tip)  is an absolute steal for what you get – an expertly chosen selection of items just for you, along with a warm message. This saves me hours of time looking at ethical brands’ pages, scouring their FAQs to see if they’re truly sustainable. And that’s just to decide if I’m going to shop with the brand or not, much less find items that I like! I trust wearwell, and I’m happy to pay for trust and ethics any day.

What if I don’t like my selection?

It took me a month or two to get into a good groove with my stylist. Admittedly, I didn’t provide feedback the first month, which is key to getting what you want from your wearwell experience and generally in life. The day my wearwell selection arrives in my inbox is such a highlight of my month. My stylist always includes a thorough message about why they chose what they did and how they would personally style the pieces, which has given me fun new ideas for the pieces I already own. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m picky. I also don’t make purchases unless I know the piece will last me for years (if not a decade!), so it took me a while to land on an item. But let me tell you, once I did… I found my dream piece – this stunning chore jacket. I wear it constantly; it just pairs so well with everything and makes it so easy to pull a look together! wearwell review

Ethical virtual styling isn’t the only thing wearwell is doing to make the world a better place. Their wearwellagain program closes the loop by collecting your gently used wearwell items to be re-cycled back into their stylist offerings. They also ship once a week, cutting way down on trips to the post office. If I haven’t made it apparent yet, they’re absolutely killin’ the game when it comes to sustainability.

Final Thoughts wearwell review

For $8.50/month (with a flexible freeze/cancel policy), there’s truly nothing to lose by giving wearwell a try. Honestly, I’ll pay $8.50 for anything that gives me the little serotonin boost that my monthly selection gives me. I love the luxury of having items selected for me, and the fact that wearwell makes it easy to find and support ethical + sustainable brands is a win win for me.

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