The Collapsible Reusables I’m Gifting Everyone This Holiday Season

Hannah Gerber

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Reusable water bottles are a rite of passage into the world of sustainability. I find that people can be quite passionate about the vessels they tote around on a daily basis. And for good reason! There are so many fantastic  ones out there – promising to keep your bevs cold or hot for up to 48 hours, to be self-cleaning, to increase your water consumption. Most importantly, they keep plastic out of landfills and oceans. I’m here to talk to you about my personal fave, Stojo. TL;DR: Collapsible. Reusable. Stackable. Cute. There’s something for everyone and Stojos make the best gifts!

Stojo is on a mission to end single-use plastics and sustainability factors into everything they create. Free of BPAs, BPSs, phthalates, lead, and adhesives, Stojos are made of LFBG certified platinum food grade silicone and FDA grade polypropylene (read: #5 recyclable plastic). I love that Stojo was founded by a couple of dads that wanted to create a better world for their kiddos. All of their products collapse down, making them easy to throw into the smallest bag. stojo review

Stojo Review | THE HIVE

If aesthetics are your thing, this is the brand for you. I’m really letting my Taurus moon shine here, but the colors are just so Instagrammable! If you’re thinking, “I don’t need it to be cute – I just need it to be functional,” they’ve got you covered there, too. The water bottle and sports bottle are totally leak proof and are my go-tos for hiking and the gym.

The 24 oz Biggie is my ideal choice for water consumption while working from home. I drink four per day and know that I’m hitting my hydration goals. The 12 oz Cup is perfect for bringing a latte on the road. I know I’m focusing a lot on how they look, but a Stojo cup is guaranteed to make your road trip selfies cuter – I don’t make the rules. Have I filled the 8 oz Cup (their smallest offering) with natural wine for an evening walk with my husband? Yes, yes I have.

Let’s talk food storage options. I bought their bowl thinking it would be great for bringing salads/snacks on-the-go (which it is), but I didn’t expect to grab it before my Pyrex when packing up leftovers (which I do). Their box makes the perfect road trip companion for storing snacks too. Have I made it clear how obsessed I am?

Once I discovered the joy of gifting Stojo, I couldn’t be stopped. My dad got a Stojo cup in Ink (aka black)  for Father’s Day. A month later, my brother got one in Moss for his birthday. It was so sweet to see my friend’s daughter’s face light up when I gave her Stojo Jr. as a back-to-school gift. At ~$20, Stojos are such an easy add-on to a larger gift (or the perfect Secret Santa gift for a coworker you don’t know very well).

Here’s how I’m gifting Stojo this holiday season

For Literally Anyone

Stojo Cup in any size! Whether you’re filling it with eggnog or hot tea, this cup is sure to please anyone on your list. 

stojo review

For a Coworker 

For the ultimate office party gift, gift them the Milk and Cookies Bundle

*pro tip: fill it with homemade goodies for a special touch.

For Your Friend That Always Brings Snacks

Gift them with the Stojo Box. Aka, the snacker’s BFF.

stojo review

For the Fitness Enthusiast

You can’t go wrong with the Sports Bottle. 20 oz with a twist-open cap gives the fitness lover in your life zero excuses not to bring it pretty much everywhere. 

For the Kid that Loves Matching Mom & Dad

The Stojo Jr. The fact that a kid’s cup can collapse into a small purse or bag  is pure *genius.* 

featured image: | @etcbysarah

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