Chilisleep Ooler Sleep System Review

Liz Smith

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If there’s something out there that says can improve my sleep, you bet I’ve tried it. I’ve tested out different non-toxic mattresses, stocked up on luxurious sheets  and even decided experimented with different sleep supplements to see if I can wake up actually feeling “rested.” I’m always intrigued by anything thatch better the quality of my sleep because good sleep  is the BASE of our health. 

I recently saw different influencers talk about this company called ChiliSleep and I immediately knew I had to try it. Chilisleep has two different sleep systems – the OOLER and the Chilipad – that heats or cools a sleeping pad to your exact liking. It’s designed to give you the optimal bed temperature to help you get that deep, restful sleep.

I honestly wasn’t sure I wanted to spend extra money on a sleep “system.” But given that my fiancé sleeps hot and I sleep cold, we were eager to try an option that optimized both of our sleep patterns without compromising one of our comforts.

Chilipad VS OOLER

As I mentioned above, ChiliSleep makes multiple products depending on your needs, preferences and budget. But their two game-changing products we were eyeing are the Chilipad and the OOLER. 

The main difference? The OOLER has Bluetooth capabilities and can change in temperature throughout the night, while the Chilipad uses a hand-held remote to set one temperature throughout the night (making it EMF-free). The Chilipad system is also smaller in size (looks like a cube), while the OOLER is slightly bigger. 

We opted for the OOLER, simply because I wanted to climb into a warm bed and have the temperature drop around the time I fall asleep – and my fiancé wanted his setting to be strictly ice cold. 

OOLER Sleep System Review | The Hive

How does the OOLER Work?

Chlisleep has multiple sleep-hacking products, although the OOLER is the company’s most advanced sleep system. 

Here’s how it works: the OOLER mattress pad connects to a little box-sized heating and cooling tank through some rubber tubes. After filling the tank with water, the system then sends the water through the tubes, which are woven throughout the mattress pad to heat or cool it down. 

The OOLER system includes a reversible pad (either a cool side or warmer side depending on your preference), and a control unit(s) that links to the OOLER app for users to manage their settings. 

OOLER Sleep System | The Hive

What I LOVE about the OOLER

I knew that the OOLER would be amazing, but I didn’t realize how much I love it. Let me break down a few of my favorite aspects:

You can program the OOLER’s temperature by the MINUTE. Want to climb into a warm bed? OOLER does it. Want the bed to cool down in the middle of the night? You can do that too. They give recommendations on how your body temperature typically fluctuates throughout the night and gives recommendations for exact temperatures.

Adjustable noise levels. Whether you like “white noise” while you sleep or need your room as quiet as possible, you can adjust your settings to either regular, silent or boost. 

Dual Sleeper Settings. Another nice bonus that any Ooler review should make note of: If you’re using a version meant for two people (I only tested the half size), you can set each half to a different temperature. Which means that the energy you typically spend on arguing over thermostat and A/C settings can be channeled into different but equally unproductive arguments.

What I don’t like about the OOLER

Bluetooth connectivity. I’ll be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with apps connecting to my wellness tools (trying to limit my EMF exposure). But I will say it having an app makes it a lot easier to customize and use. 

You can feel it under your sheet. I’ll admit, it takes some getting used to. The tubing throughout the mat can be felt with just a regular fitted sheet on top. But I will say that it doesn’t ruin my sleep experience what-so-ever and it’s not a deal breaker for me. 

Final Thoughts

We’re not gunna lie, it’s an expensive sleep gadget- but if you’re in the market to upgrade your sleeping situation, the OOLER is 100% worth it. I’m sleeping deeper, waking up more refreshed and my fiancé and I can both sleep happy without compromising the other’s comfort (aka me climbing into a freezing cold bed.)

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