I Tried OJOOK Bamboo Salt Toothpaste – Here’s My Honest Review

Kaylee Baez

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Now that we have finally reached a turning point in the pandemic, the thought of being able to see everyone’s face makes me deliriously happy. It also brings my attention back to my own smile specifically my teeth.

For the past couple of months I have been experimenting and alternating between my generic toothpaste brand and a holistic alternative, OJOOK. And gang, I have found that the benefits of using OJOOK are far too great to pass up for convenience. 

OJOOK Toothpaste nHA

OJOOK toothpaste is a revolutionary product for the oral health world and that’s putting it mildly. OJOOK toothpaste is a testament that holistic products with minimal ingredients can make a huge difference in our health. Unlike generic toothpaste brands which average between twenty to twenty-five ingredients, OJOOK only has an essential thirteen which are all vegan, gluten and cruelty free. The basics have gone a long way for me. 

In my first trial, I was skeptical. Switching over from a generic brand I had been using for twenty five years seemed like an unlikely feat, but OJOOK truly won me over. In my first use, I was weirded out by the taste. Generic brands are usually minty, but OJOOK is both minty AND salty. It was an odd sensation to go into but it went away almost immediately. My brain registered that there was salt and a split second later the mint was all I could taste. It took me almost no time to get used to it and even less to incorporate it into my daily lifestyle. 

Hands down, the best part about OJOOK is the immense clean you feel after simply one use. The difference is astounding. My generic toothpaste doesn’t have the same effect. It’s almost as if my generic toothpaste leaves behind a film while OJOOK takes it all away. Each time I use OJOOK I feel like I’ve just left the dental office. It’s that fresh-of-a clean. I use about a pea size amount with my electric toothbrush and I’ve noticed that the two combined are a powerhouse. With my generic brand, there is always some residue of plaque left behind, which essentially means I have to work harder and floss. With OJOOK, flossing is still an essential but not a chore in the same way. 

My first dispute about OJOOK would have been the packaging but hear me out. OJOOK’s packaging is made with our Earth and the environment in mind. Generic packaging is made with single use plastic while OJOOK is made of aluminum, a mineral that can be recycled an infinite number of times. In my first use, I had no idea how to handle aluminum. I made the mistake of squeezing the tube from all sorts of directions which punctured holes in the product and made a slight mess in my morning and nighttime routines. The key here is to use both hands and gently squeeze out the paste. You truly only need a pea sized amount so this lack of push and effort will go a long way to keep the integrity of the product. 

I have experimented with many toothpaste brands and OJOOK tops them all. Our teeth are the gateway to our health. Investing in our teeth is an investment in our brain and cardiovascular strength, and a great step towards a long and healthy life. Keep in mind that a clean smile is the first indicator of a healthy, happy person and there’s truly nothing more attractive than that.


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