How to Turn Your Shower Into a Spa-Like Sanctuary

Kaylee Baez

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Bath time should be a sacred ritual for all of us. But for many of us, our shower is a place to do our business and quickly rush out. And if this is you – hear us out. 

Your shower should be a spa-inspired sanctuary for you to get the most out of your daily self care to promote overall wellness and relaxation. Now some of you reading this might already be thinking on the financial costs of this remodel but. We promise these simple switches will not ring you out dry – they will be a worthwhile investment. 

Upgrade Your Shower Head

Most of us are victims of our shower head, either because we moved in and succumbed to the previous owner’s choice or simply because it’s been there for so long that we haven’t even bothered to change it. 

One of the best things you can do for your hair, skin and health is to swap out your shower head. Tap water contains chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins that are being absorbed by your skin and hair every time you shower. By swapping out your shower head, the water will smell cleaner, your hair will be softer, and your skin (and detox organs) will thank you. Picking the right shower head to suit you can upgrade your shower routine from a boring one to one that promotes deep relaxation.

Adopt a Eucalyptus Plant 

The eucalyptus plant has so many natural medicinal properties. Ailments like stuffy noses and congested nasal passages are naturally remedied by breathing in eucalyptus. By hanging a eucalyptus plant underneath your shower head and allowing the water in your shower to steam, the eucalyptus plant can loosen your nasal passages, clear you up of any congestion and reduce overall inflammation in your nose. 

On top of helping with our respiratory system, the eucalyptus plant can also help us decompress and destress. Putting a eucalyptus plant in your shower will decrease activity in your sympathetic nervous system — the system responsible for stress reaction — and increase the activity in your parasympathetic nervous system which is the system responsible for allowing your body to relax. On top of its many benefits, the eucalyptus plant is beautiful and can turn any boring shower into the most aesthetically pleasing and calming place in the house. *Eucalyptus plants stay good for 1-4 weeks in the shower.

Keep It Clean with Non-Toxic Cleaners

If you haven’t already ditched your toxic bathroom cleaners for non-toxic ones, now is the time. The last thing you want to stand, breathe and bathe in are toxic cleaner fumes. 

Opt for non-toxic bath cleaners that are free of synthetic fragrances (these are known to mess with our hormone health.) It’s important to wipe down each product in your bathroom, too. Any “pink” growth on bottles is bacteria growth, and mold can also grow on (and even inside) your products if they’re not cleaned or used in a timely matter. 

Invest in Clean Skin + Body Care

From your shampoo to your soap, your products should be clean in every way. Opt for products that are non-toxic and organic when possible. Organic and non-toxic bath products have greater nutrient value and are free of chemicals that can linger onto the skin and irritate it. When looking for products that are free sulfates, parabens and phthalates won’t disrupt your body’s natural hormone function in the way most products do. Invest in clean products that will improve your skin and hair while keeping your body, your home and our environment very happy.

Pick out a *Clean* Fragrance

When we think of a spa, we immediately think of that *fresh* fragrance. You can achieve this – without the toxic byproducts – by keeping out a non-toxic candle on your counter top or by running a diffuser. For a sultry diffuser scent, add 3 drops of patchouli and 3 drops of lavender to your favorite diffuser

Keep Minimal Products in the Shower

Less is more. Declutter your shower setup by only keeping out what you truly use and need. For one-off products, keep them stored elsewhere and bring it in when you’re planning on using it (i.e., hair masks). The less items you keep in the shower, the less of a change your beloved products will be contaminated by mold (especially if you only use those products every now and then.) 

Swap Out Your Musty Towels

Musty, gross smelling towels are clear indicators of mildew. Mildew and other bacteria thrive on moist and soft surfaces which makes towels their ultimate breeding ground. Mildew and other molds produce allergens and irritants which can lead to reactions in our skin and respiratory system. 

When your towels start to smell – despite any thorough or continuous wash –  it means they need to be replaced. Avoid harsh muslin fabrics and always opt for towels made with microfiber and organic cotton which are gentle on both the skin and hair. And if you want to take it a step further, invest in towels made with silver to prevent bacteria growth and last longer than conventional towels. 

A Few Other Bathroom Upgrades…

Add fresh flowers or greens. Plants have shown to have a physiological, relaxation affect when looked at regularly – which makes them perfect for those rooms where we want to promote self-care. Find a beautiful vase and add some fresh greens to bring vitality and peace to. your bathroom. 

Get yourself a cozy robe. There’s nothing that screams self-care like a plush robe after a relaxing shower. 

Get yourself a new shower curtain liner. One of the easiest (and most affordable) swaps you can make that instantly cleans up your shower space.

Don’t forget about the bath mat. The Dorai Bath Stone is our favorite, mold-preventing mat.

keep fresh wash cloths handy. Re-using the same towel to dry off your face can cause a build-up of bacteria on the towel (and your face.)

Stay organized. Take the time to get yourself organized and find a *place* for everything to belong. The less you have out in sight, the more you’ll enjoy the space. 

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