Here’s 10 *Free* Things To Level Up Your Health in 2022

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Here’s a truth bomb for you: you don’t *need* to be spending a fortune on supplements, diets and biohacking gadgets to drastically better your health. The things we need for optimal health are more of a “practice” rather than a physical device or good – and it’s important to keep that in mind as we’re flooded with constant ads that tell us otherwise. 

If you’re ready to improve your health this year, start by simplifying and getting back to the basics. Here’s our list of *free* things you can do to level up your energy, sleep, sex drive and overall mental health. 

Practice Daily “Earthing”

Some may call it grounding, some may call it earthing. No matter what you call it, “earthing,” or getting your bare feet on the earth, is one of the easiest lifestyle additions for better health. Stepping barefoot onto the earth floods your body with negative ions, otherwise known as Earth’s natural healing energy. These ions help reduce inflammation and stress, improves blood flow, promotes healthy sleep, and improves overall vitality. It doesn’t matter if its sand, grass or dirt – they all offer the same benefits and a few minutes goes a long way.

Tip: Do it first thing in the morning. If the ground you’re using is dirty or too cold, grab a 100% cotton towel to stand on. Leave your phone inside and take deep breaths for as long as you feel comfortable. 

Start your day with a glass of water

If you’re reading this, there’s a solid chance you’re dehydrated. If there’s one easy thing you can do to help your digestion, energy and mood throughout the day, it’s by starting the day by drinking a large glass of water. 

Tip: when having your morning glass of water, add in a shot of ACV and half a lemon to stimulate the bowels and get things moving. 

Wake up + go to bed with the sun

*Quality* sleep is key for our body to function at its prime. And a key component for quality sleep is having a consistent sleep schedule. 

Our great, great ancestors didn’t have alarm clocks. They woke up with the sun and started winding down as the sun set, and there’s science behind why. The red light emitted by sunsets triggers the body’s production of melatonin, and the wavelengths and colors of light in the early morning promote a natural energy boost. Our retinas use “photoreceptors,” or light sensitive cells, to tell the brain whether it’s daytime or nighttime. Whether you realize it or not, the simple act of looking up at the sky during those hours re-wires your circadian rhythm and promote your body’s natural sleep cycle. 

Tip: It takes some time to get into a steady sleep schedule, but there’s a few things you can do to build up the habit. No matter what time you wake up, open your windows and physically *look* up at the sky. Same goes for the sunset – make sure you look at the sky around the time the sun sets. Make sure you do it without sunglasses!  

Walk outside daily

Between lockdowns and new work-from-home policies in place, many of us have become accustomed to spending most of our days indoors. Unfortunately, constant indoor pollution from VOC’s, EMF’s and blue light is doing our health more harm than good. 

What many people don’t realize is that our health is a direct correlation of what we surround ourselves with. The air that we breathe in, the light we look at and our postures throughout the day are either hurting or helping our health.  

By getting outside and walking in nature (even for ten minutes) you’re giving your body a much needed break from hunching over your screens and the VOC’s inside. Walking outside in fresh air not only brings in *good* bacteria to your nasal passageways and lungs, it helps stabilize blood sugar and promotes healthy blood flow to your body and brain.

Tip: set a “break” schedule throughout your day to get some tech-free time outside. Dedicate a time that works for you to step outside or take a short walk around the block. 

Get your hands in the dirt

Here’s something that goes hand-in-hand with earthing. We already know that getting your bare feet on the earth allows our body to be flooded with negative ions, but getting your hands and toes in soil is a fantastic treatment for your microbiome. 

Did you know your body is made up of more bacterium than human cells? By getting your hands in the healthy bacteria thats found in soil, you’re supporting your immune system while promoting a sense of ease and vitality to your body. There’s a reason why so many people who live in blue zones live long – most of them garden and grow their own food regularly. 

Practice Cold Exposure

One of the best, most affordable biohacks out there. Exposing yourself to cold for short periods of time has been shown to train the vagus nerve, boost the immune system, reduce body fat and spike endorphins in just a matter of minutes. 

Cold exposure has also been linked to a stronger sex drive in men. Not only does it increase testosterone production, it can immediately boost the libido and promote overall strength and energy. 

Want to give it a shot? Check out this article to get step-by-step instructions on how to incorporate cold exposure into your daily routine. 

Read daily

And we’re not talking about your Instagram feed or news updates on your phone. Reading daily, especially when its something physical, is one of the best things you can do for long-term brain health. Not only does reading improve brain connectivity, it aids in sleep readiness, lowers symptoms of depression, prevents cognitive decline, and even empowers you to empathize with other people.

Give (and receive) 30-second hugs

When a baby is born, the newborn is put directly onto the mother’s chest the moment after they’re delivered to get skin to skin contact. Not only is this beneficial for the baby’s microbiome, it regulates both the mother’s and baby’s heart rate and stress levels. Although you’re most likely fully-grown, the concept remains the same: skin to skin contact is good for your health. 
Hugs allow the body to produce oxytocin, the chemical in our bodies that is associated with happiness and less stress. Oxytocin levels rise when we hug, touch, or sit close to someone else. Whether you’re hugging a child, a friend or a loved one, the mood-boosting benefits remain the same. But if you have a partner, the benefits can go even further. Relationship experts also say that couples who hug regularly tend to have a more vibrant relationship and sex life. 

Don’t sleep next to your phone

It’s safe to say that we don’t know the long-term effects of EMF’s. But what we do know is that studies have shown how EMF’s and blue light from cellphones, bluetooth devices and routers can negatively affect our energy and sleep habits. By simply sleeping with our phone across the room (or even better, in another room) you will reap the benefits of EMF-free and distraction-free sleep. 

PS – if you use your phone as your wake-up alarm, swap it out for a Loftie

Stop caring what other people think

We’re not here to promote narcism… but what would happen if you didn’t feel embarrassed about what other people think? What would you do with your life? Leaning into the things that make you happy – regardless of others’ opinions – will align you with other possibilities in life. 
Tip: Understand your Human Design. Your Human Design can give you the confidence and tools to truly understand the way you work, which will allow you to lean into the things in life that you are both good at and enjoy. 

What other free wellness practices do you incorporate in your life? Comment below!

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