The Easiest Swap for a More Sustainable Household: Bamboo Toilet Paper

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Creating a more sustainable, low-toxin household starts with making small habit changes. Think about the things you do repeatedly every day and ask yourself, “how can I make this healthier for myself and the planet?” cloud paper review

One of the simplest swaps you can make, oddly enough, starts with your “regular” routines – specifically, the bathroom

Did you know the average person uses roughly 100 rolls of toilet paper per year? Thats roughly 50 pounds of toilet paper used per year. Not only are we quickly flushing away single-use paper, we’re regularly wiping sensitive areas with a potentially toxic product

So how do we make going to the bathroom – something we do mindlessly every day – less of a (toxic) waste? The simple answer: switching over to bamboo toilet paper

By simply swapping your regular TP with bamboo, you can make the world of a difference in the health of our planet (and your sensitive areas). Here’s why we made the switch from conventional TP over to bamboo toilet paper. cloud paper review

Bamboo is a strong, sustainable plant

40,000– that’s approximately how many trees cut down per day for just toilet paper and paper towels alone. That’s roughly 20% of the global deforestation!

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable, fastest growing plants in the world. Not only does it grow up to 3 feet per day, it reaches its full maturity in just three years (compared to 15+ years for other “fast- growing” trees.)  Unlike most other trees that are used for toilet paper, bamboo does not need to be replanted after it is harvested. It will continue to grow at a rapid rate without the need for chemical herbicides and pesticides, and needs very little water to grow. 

Bamboo produces less emissions + sequesters carbon fast

Bamboo fiber harvesting and production generates at least 30% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to tree-based toilet paper. Not only does bamboo grow faster than most other trees, it is also one of the few plant species that can thrive on inhospitable, degraded lands without harmful chemical or mechanical interventions. 

To talk this plant up a little bit more, bamboo also sequesters carbon in biomass and soil and does it faster than almost any other plant. Bamboo has been said to sequester roughly two to six times the amount of carbon as a similar stand of trees.

Bamboo TP won’t clog your pipes as easily

Bamboo toilet paper has been shown to break down extremely easily pipes, making it one of the best septic-safe options out there. Even plumbers recommend using bamboo toilet paper over conventional or recycled TP. 

Bamboo biodegrades faster than most fibers

Bamboo rayon (a fabric) takes roughly a year to break down – and thin bamboo toilet paper breaks down way faster. Bamboo can actually be composted at home and can biodegrade quickly without a trace. 

Bamboo is *significantly* softer

If you’ve ever touched bamboo fibers, you know how silky soft it feels – and bamboo toilet paper is no exception. It’s ultra-soft yet  strong AND absorbent, so you definitely don’t sacrifice quality for sustainability. 

Our Bamboo TP of choice – Cloud Paper Review

We recently got our hands on Cloud Paper a- a bamboo toilet paper and paper towel company that is on a mission to end the deforestation caused by traditional paper products. Here’s why we made the switch to Cloud:

They’re plastic-free.  You don’t have to worry about plastic wraps heading to the oceans or overflowing landfills. Cloud Paper is 100% plastic-free and sources their products from FSC/SFI certified manufacturers.

LESS chemicals. You can purchase (and wipe) happy knowing that Cloud Paper doesn’t use any added scents, dyes, or pesticides, and zero traces of BPA. 

Zero chlorine bleaching. Cloud has two different choices for their TP – premium and basic. Cloud’s premium rolls are bleached with a TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) method, and our basic rolls are bleached with a ECF (Elementally Chlorine Free) method – meaning that both rolls don’t use chlorine in the process. 

They offer subscriptions. No more worrying about running out of TP. Cloud Paper gives you the option to subscribe every 2,3 or 4 months. 

Want to make the easy switch to bamboo? 

Use code CLOUD10 for 10% off your Cloud Order

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