These Three Yaasa Products Have Instantly Upgraded My Wellness Routine at Home

Liz Smith

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m all about turning my home into a wellness sanctuary. If it can improve my sleep, stress and overall wellness, I’m intrigued. And if there’s an easy way to incorporate a routine into my lifestyle with minimal thought, I’m already sold.

I recently received some products from Yaasa and they’re too good NOT to share. Here’s my three latest home purchases that have instantly upgraded my wellness routine at home. 

YAASA Luxe Organic Weighted Blanket

I believe every house needs at least one weighted blanket, and this one is the best of the best. Yaasa’s Luxe Organic Weighted Blanket is made with buttery soft organic cotton and gives the PERFECT amount of weight to calm down my nervous system whenever I use it. 

This weighted blanket has been – by far – the easiest addition to my “self-care” routine at night. If you’re dealing with any form of anxiety or stress, adding in a weighted blanket is an easy practice that has been shown to improve symptoms by just wrapping your body in it. 

Not only does it look gorgeous folded at the end of my bed, it instantly calms me down and preps me for a deep night’s sleep. I got the 15lb blanket in Dune Dream and its the perfect size for me,  my 6’5 fiancé and our little dog (he loves it even more than we do!)

Yaasa Sleep Mask

I don’t know why it’s taken me 30 years to start using a sleep mask, but now I can’t go without one. They’re pure magic. I didn’t realize how light from my alarm clock and window affected my ability to fall asleep until I tried this blackout mask. And I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s been a game changer. yaasa weighted blanket

Yaasa’s Sleep Mask is outrageously comfy and it will blackout 100% of the light in any room. It’s also adjustable to fit any head size and the eye sockets leave zero pressure on eyelids or lashes like others. This one product has upgraded the quality of my sleep better than any product out there. yaasa weighted blanket

Meditation Pillow

Here’s some honesty for you – I’m not naturally drawn to meditation. But I know how amazing it is for my mental health, so I’m trying. I wasn’t sure if this meditation pillow was something that I’d use every day or if it would be another piece of added clutter to my room.

Ever since I placed the pillow in a visual spot of my room, I’ve been using it daily. Just by placing the pillow in an area that I see first thing in the morning actually makes me want to sit on it. I’ve learned that if you want to incorporate a new habit, make it easily available for you – and for me, thats putting it in a spot where I see it regularly. yaasa weighted blanket

Yaasa’s meditation pillow is beautifully crafted, the perfect size and surprisingly comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time. Even though my meditation sessions only last maybe 5-10 minutes, it’s better than nothing at all – and this pillow I can thank for that. 

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