What My Husband Eats on an Animal-Based Diet

Liz Smith

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Ever since I started working from home and creating my own schedule, I’ve had the luxury of flexibility when it comes to what I eat and when. Even though my meals are essentially the same each day, I have a LOT more flexibility than my husband when it comes to creativity with my meals. 

I want to highlight my husband’s habits to give some perspective on what someone – with an opposite schedule as mine- does for meals on an Animal-Based Diet. Yes, it is possible to have an insanely demanding schedule and eat clean while you’re at it – and I want to show you exactly how he does it. Here’s a little behind-the-scenes on how my husband preps his meals, what he cooks, and how he manages to thrive off of an Animal-Based Diet. 

A little background on my husband

He’s one of the most dedicated people I know when it comes to his routine. He thrives off this kind of structure (whether he admits it or not.) Ever since I met him, he’s always had the same lunch, work, and workout routine during the week. Although his eating philosophies have changed quite a bit since we first met, he has found that the same lunch every day just works for him. He doesn’t get bored with it; he’s satiated and in damn good shape.

  • 6’5, former athlete
  • Trains CrossFit for workouts 5x a week, immediately after work and before dinner.
  • He’s an attorney, works early mornings and nights and often on weekends & during travel.

I mention this because most people say that they “don’t have time” to meal prep or eat well. I’m married to a man who has NO extra time – and I watch him make it work and live a healthy lifestyle, despite the demands of his profession.

And for those who might be wondering, “well, you both don’t have kids or babies!” I’ll make sure to update this article once January rolls around…

Animal=Based Meal Prep | The Hive

How My Husband Preps His Meals


  • The day we food shop + meal prep lunches for the week. He will cook up three packs of a particular meat and divide it into 5 glass lunch containers that he brings in with him for lunch.
  • Grind up some coffee beans to bring into the office. He has his own mocha pot and mini electric cook top in his office.
  • Ozonate + prep fruit: we typically do this together, but Dan will make sure his fruit is prepped/cleaned so that he can grab it to go and not worry about scrubbing it down before eating. This is the ozonator we use – code LIZF10

M-F – same 3 meals, every day. I’ll pull out a pack of frozen meat for him around noon each day and have it cooked/ready for when he gets home. If I can’t cook him dinner on any particular night, I’ll have the meat defrosted for him and he’ll whip himself up some rice.

Friday + Saturday night: I’ll usually cook something for the two of us that’s typically animal-based unless we have something else going on.

My husband’s Animal-based Meal Plan:

Again – he eats the same. Exact. Thing. Every day, during the week. Every item of produce that he eats is organic and the regenerative/grass-fed meat he eats is usually from one of these online shops. 



  • ~9.5 ounces of ground ancestral beef or chicken cooked in grass-fed tallow with salt
  • Two pieces of fruit, usually an organic apple + banana


  • Espresso with KION coffee beans. He has a moka pot + electric stovetop in his office.


  • 1 x lb. of protein, usually either an ancestral blend, ground beef or ancestral chicken.
  • 1 x avocado with salt and lime
  • 1 x cup of starches: either organic white rice cooked with homemade bone broth + marrow, or oven roasted sweet potatoes
  • 1 x cup frozen organic fruit for dessert, either cherries or mango chunks.
  • Supplements:
    • Con-Cret Creatine he takes one scoop in water with juice from one lime
    • Magnesium – right before bed, either Magnesium Breakthrough or Moon Juice Magnesi-Om

Weekend Meals

This is where we have a little more flexibility. I usually make us some Raw Ice Cream with our remaining milk and cream from the week and often experiment with different animal-based meals. 

My husband also doesn’t drink any alcohol during the week – and usually not much on weekends – although he likes to enjoy a glass or two of Dry Farm Wines. It’s naturally low in sugar and is tested for heavy metals, mycotoxins + often regeneratively grown. Click here to get a bottle of Dry Farm Wines for a penny!

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