The Random Products I Tried and Loved in May

Liz Smith

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And just like that… we’re in our sixth month of 2021. Is anyone else mind blown at how fast this year is going?

 In our household, the month of May has been about continuing the positive momentum of our health, conscious meal planning and creating the perfect rooftop situation for the summer months. We’ve tried, loved, and hated a lot of the products we’ve tested this past month and rounded up a few of our favorites that will be long-term staples in our SoCal life. 

Check out some of the products we’ve been using and loving this past month:

Crossrope Jump Rope

The one thing I’m happy to carry out of 2020 was my new love for at-home workouts. This past month I got my hands on a Crossrope jump rope and I’m seriously impressed with how good of a workout I get with it. These weighted jump ropes come with interchangeable weighted handles to give a solid, full-body workout. They even have an app that gives you guided workouts that are easy to follow and kick your ass. 

Click & Grow Smart Garden 

If there’s one thing I don’t compromise with my food and produce, it’s traceability. And there’s nothing more traceable than growing the food yourself. 

I got my hands on Click and Grow’s Smart Garden 9 and filled it with their steak seasoning herb kit (surprised?) It only two minutes to put together, and within a few days I got sprouts! Cannot wait to snip some herbs off this weekend – a full product review is coming soon. 

Gourmesso | The Hive

Gourmesso Nespresso-Compatible Pods

Coffee can either be one of the best, or worst, things you can put into your body. I got a Nespresso machine as a gift but I’ve been hesitant to use their pods, due to the fact that most non-organic coffee out there is loaded with pesticides, mold, and other toxins. 

I was so excited to find out that Gourmesso offers coffee pods that are Nespresso machine-compatible. The capsules I got are all organic, compostable and I was stoked to find out that they partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree with every order. Gourmesso, take my money. 

Farm Foods Market

If you don’t know already, I love steak. It’s a daily must for me (even if it’s in pill form.) But as I’ve mentioned before, if its not good quality meat, I won’t eat it at all. 

We recently made our first bulk order from Farm Foods Market – an online meat supplier that sources the highest quality cuts from the best farms in the USA. They even list out the specific farms their meat cuts come from and only work with farms that are grass-fed & finished, humane and sustainable or regenerative. The pricing is fantastic and we’re super impressed with the quality of meat (and the amazing selection) they offer. 10/10 recommend for my carnivores out there. 

Nutrisense Review | The Hive

NutriSense Continuous Glucose Monitor

I’ll be honest – it’s been only four days of me wearing this CGM from NutriSense on the back of my arm and I’m already obsessed. I’ve been wanting to get a deeper understanding of how certain foods affect my blood sugar at any specific time, and this biohacking tool does just the trick (and some.) While I’m only four days in and plan on doing a full review, I’ll happily recommend this to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of their body. The CGM is comfy, easy to apply, and links to an app on your phone to track all your deets. No prescription required – visit their website, fill out some questionnaires and you’re on your way to a better understanding of your health. 

If you wanna give it a shot, use code THEHIVE25 for $25 off your NutriSense purchase. 

Rugabble Outdoor Rug

If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ve probably seen how we’re slowly putting together our rooftop deck. We opted for a Ruggable rug – simply because we wanted something that wasn’t too expensive and that could be thrown right in the wash when dirty. I was honestly impressed with how quickly it arrived and how great the quality is. If you’re looking for a rug that can easily be washed and great for the price, Ruggable is it. 


I may be the only girl in San Diego (or maybe even Southern California) who doesn’t go out regularly for lattes. We make our coffee at home because 1. we know the quality is good, and 2. the former New Yorker in me knows how much money I’ve gulped down in the form of hot beverages.

I heard about Clevr and decided to give it a try, even though fancy hot drinks haven’t necessarily been my “thing.” But I’m extremely impressed – the blend of adaptogen and superfood ingredients are all organic and the servings are low in sugar. And most importantly – they’re extremely satisfying. 

My favorite: Matcha Superlatte with hot water and a splash of raw milk. 

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