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Alrighty, men: there’s a good chance you’re due for a little closet upgrade – and specifically those t-shirts you’re wearing on repeat. So why not go eco-friendly & sustainable when while you’re at it? men’s sustainable t-shirts

While many women’s brands are becoming more vocal about their sustainable fabric and cotton sourcing, there’s still plenty of men’s options out there. And whether you know it or not, even a t-shirt purchase makes a big difference in the environment. 

Why go organic or sustainable with your t-shirts? First of all, when you choose organic over non-organic cotton, you’re protecting the farmers from toxic pesticides while helping create the demand for better worker’s conditions. Just one organic cotton t-shirt requires 86 gallons of water to produce versus 2,168 gallons for a conventional cotton shirt. Organic cotton also uses less energy, biodegrades in a safer manner and can drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions long-term. 

Hemp, on the other hand, uses half as much water as cotton during production. It’s durable, extremely affordable to grow and nothing is wasted in the hemp production process. And the best part: industrial hemp plants absorb more carbon dioxide than trees.

We narrowed down a list of our favorite organic, sustainable t-shirts to make your shopping experience that much easier. While some of these options are more pricey than your average fast-fashion t-shirt, the cuts are both lasting and timeless and you’re voting for a better environment with your wallet. Knowing how much you probably already wear your current favorite t-shirts, you know you’ll get your moneys worth out of the investment. 

Men's Sustainable T-Shirts

Banana Republic

Eco Premium Wash Crew-Neck T-Shirt, $19.99

60% cotton, 40% recycled polyester

Prana Crew T-Shirt | The Hive


Crew T-Shirt, $29

60% Organic Cotton / 40% Recycled Polyester

Alternative Apparel

Organic Cotton Crew T-Shirt, $10-28

100% organic cotton 


Men’s Organic Cotton T-Shirt, $9

100% organic cotton

Men's Sustainable T-Shirts |Patagonia Men's Organic Cotton Midweight Pocket Tee | The Hive


Men’s Organic Cotton Midweight Pocket Tee, $49

100% organic cotton 

Men's Sustainable T-Shirts | Jungmaven Men's Pocket Tee | The Hive


55% Hemp / 45% organic cotton


Element Pocket Tee, $30

100% organic cotton 


The Organic Cotton Pocket Tee, $18

100% organic cotton

Banks Journal

Primary Core T-Shirt, $35

100% organic cotton 


Tuvalu Tee, $48

organic seaweed and sustainable wood pulp

men’s sustainable t-shirts

Editor’s Note: This article contains affiliate links. The Hive uses commission from our affiliate advertisers (not from you) to fund operations of the business. Have a question? Shoot us a note.


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