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My first taste of Sakara – and I’m not gunna lie, it was really, really good. 

What is Sakara?

If you’re a female who’s into the wellness + health food game, there’s a good chance you’ve probably heard about Sakara  Sakara is a 100% plant-based, pre-cooked meal delivery service. Many notable celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Lily Aldridge are major fans of the brand and programs. Intrigued with the idea that I didn’t have to grocery shop or cook for a week, I recently decided to try Sakara’s 5-Day Signature Program to see what all the buzz was about. Sakara beauty blend salad

How does the Sakara meal plan work?

You have a few options when you sign up for Sakara meal delivery: 

The “Signature” Program (Level I): For those who want to experience clean eating made easy and the power of food as medicine.

The “Level II: Detox” Program: Designed for those who want a deep cleanse that delivers transformational results with whole-food meals (not your average juice cleanse).

The “Bride Program”: For those who want to look and feel their best self the big day (FYI- crash diets are not a thing anymore.) Sakara Beauty Blend Salad

The “10-Day Reset”: Modeled after their nutrition program, this program contains recipes and other essentials for cooking Sakara meals and living the life from your own kitchen. (If you’re gunna pick one, this would be my choice.) Sakara Beauty Blend Salad

They also offer the option to do a subscription program if you’re really into it. In each program, you have the option to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus a probiotic that they recommend for you to take daily. You also get several bags of a caffeine-free “detox tea” to sip between meals (I got rose). The shipment arrives in one large box early on a Sunday or Monday morning, and the next shipment of meals comes half-way through the week if you’re doing a longer program. 

Throughout the program, Sakara suggests you only eat the designated meals throughout the entirety of the program. Although, if you’re starving in-between meals, they suggest a light snack of organic low–glycemic fruits and veggies, water or tea,  or a small handful of organic walnuts.

Sakara menu | The Hive

What’s on the Sakara menu?

The meals are different every week. Sakara posts their new menu at least a week ahead of time so you can get a peek at what’s to come. All meals are ready-to-eat and come with herbal teas, supplements and support. Each meal is also organic, plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, no refined sugar – so you can eat without any guilt. Sakara Beauty Blend Salad

My favorite meals from up above – Daydreamer Soba Bowl; Sweet Potato Flatbread; Beauty Blend Salad. Sakara Beauty Blend Salad

Sakara Meal Program | The Hive


Their packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable. I was able to reuse my salad bowls and dressing containers a few times before recycling them. (Makes you feel a little less guilty about getting deliveries.)

The meals were extremely FRESH. You wouldn’t think a delivered salad or veggies would stay crisp for a few days. I’m not gunna lie, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the food kept by day 3. 

I was happy with the majority of my meals. There may have been one or two meals that weren’t my favorite. But the lavender quesadilla, soba noodle salad + Chili were phenomenal (even tried to re-create a few of these myself!) 

I didn’t find myself starving in-between meals. 

The verdict: is Sakara worth it?

The bottom line: If you’re trying to lose weight, eat more plant-based food, and are willing to pay to have food ready-to-eat, Sakara can be a great option. Although, if you eat meat, this may not be the plan for you. Many of Sakara reviewers mention how hungry they were during the program. although that wasn’t the case for me, I found I drank more water and felt much lighter during my week away from meat. (I went back to eating meat the day after my program ended.)

For those who are into eating “for their cycle”… this is perfect for the follicular phase (when you want to eat more light, raw veggies.) Personally, my meals and nutrient focus shifts each week of the month (more to come on this) so this program is great for me leading up to my ovulation + menstruation phases. I’ll add more protein and fat, but for the most part, this meal plan does me well!

One thing I want to note is how pricey it can me – you’ll drop $200-$500 depending on what program you do. Although I can’t afford to be doing this on the regular, I’ll 100% do Sakara again before a major event or when I need an easy, prep-free + clean week of meals.  Sakara Beauty Blend 

Sakara Beauty Blend SaladSalad

WaNT TO GIVE SAKARA A SHOT? Use code XOELIZABETHF for 20% off your first purchase! 

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  1. Erica Jones says:

    Ooooh I want to give this a try! Which program of theirs do you recommend trying first?

  2. Erin Juarez says:

    LOVE Sakara! Just completed a three-day cleanse and def doing it again. Worth the money IMO

  3. Ellen says:

    Cannot wait to try this! Thank you for sharing

  4. Lee Acosta says:

    Oooh been dying to try out Sakara! Will definitely do a reset for the new year 🙂

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