Sober Curious? 6 Non-Alcoholic Beverages For 2023

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We can all agree that these past few years have been anything but a breeze. Alcohol consumption has been at an all-time high – and specifically when it comes to drinking at home.

According to a Morning Consult poll, one in 4 millennials and nearly 1 in 5 Gen X’ers said they had upped their alcohol intake during the pandemic. 

Even though now is probably the time to focus on being our healthiest, it’s so easy to turn to alcohol at the end the day to wind down. While we can easily argue that a big glass fo wine may help with our mental health, we all know that we’ve never regretted saying “no” to a drink. And lucky for us, there’s some pretty solid beverage options that can help us make that healthier choice. 

We recently experimented with a variety of non-alcoholic beverages to put their stress-busting and mood enhancing claims to the test. And after giving them a shot, we were honestly impressed. 

If you’re looking to cut back on alcohol, find a healthy way to de-stress, or if you’re already on the sober side, check out our favorite, non-alcoholic beverage brands for a healthier you. Non Alcoholic Beverage Brands


Kin Euphorics 

Kin Euphorics offers a variety of craft, non-alcoholic drinks designed to elevate the spirit and relax the body. Their selection of “elixirs” are loaded with mood-adjusting adaptogens, fresh botanicals and brain-boosting nootropics. Low sugar, low calorie, and extremely refreshing. 

OUR TOP PICK: The Kin Spritz

We love the Kin Spritz – the perfect amount of carbonation with the right balance of sweet + bitterness. Keep a few cans in the fridge and grab on the go, or pour over some ice and sip in your favorite cocktail glass.  


Hiyo is a better-than-alcohol, mood-boosting social tonic. The canned drinks mindfully crafted with organic adaptogens, natural nootropics, and functional botanicals. Hiyo only uses top quality ingredients and organic adaptogens that give a nice “float” that we all want and need.

OUR TOP PICKHiyo Blackberry Lemon

This refreshing, zesty seltzer gives you the zest of a lemon with the light sweetness of blackberries. We’re a mega fan. 

CANN Social Tonics

If a slight dose of cannabis is your thing, so will these drinks.

CANN is a social tonic made from all-natural ingredients and *microdosed* with cannabis. These beverages will give you a slight euphoric buzz & uplifted mood without the hangover.

OUR TOP PICK: Blood Orange Cardamom

With only 2mg THC and 4mg of CBD, this crisp beverage will easily edge off at the end of a long day. 


The OG distilled, non-alcoholic spirit. Seedlip’s mission is to change the way the world drinks with the highest quality non-alcoholic options. 

Why we love it: it creates wider variety of cocktail options for those not drinking alcohol. And let’s not forget to mention – zero sugars and zero calories


A vibrant, Italian citrus spirit. Serve it with tonic or use it to

create a sophisticated, non-alcoholic cocktail.


When three men from the advertising, culinary and wine industries come together, you know something remarkable is about to be born. Betera is a California-born, zero-proof cocktail thats full of fresh complexity and reminiscent of a

quality, alcoholic beverage. Their selection of beverages are all low sugar and made from a variety of roots, peels, barks and botanicals. 

OUR TOP PICK: Rhubarb Hibiscus

The perfect blend of hibiscus, rhubarb root, grapefruit peel, cinchona bark & vanilla. 

 Non Alcoholic Beverage Brands

Curious Elixirs

Curious Elixirs are booze-free craft cocktails that’ll convert you to the sober-side if you’re not there already. The selection of cocktails combine only organic juices, spices, herbs, roots, barks, and adaptogenic botanicals. Each drink is lightly carbonated and contains no added sugar (one cocktail contains 3 grams.)

OUR TOP PICK: Curious No. 2

Curious No. 2 is a smoky & spicy. It’s in-between a spicy marg and a dark & stormy. Our fav ingredient? Ancient Mayan herb damiana – a great choice if you’re looking to mellow out in the best way possible.

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