Liz Snyder on Navigating Lyme Disease, Running a Biz + Blind Faith

Liz Smith

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We’re in week two of Lyme Disease Awareness Month – and this week, we’re sharing a personal Q+A with a dear friend of mine…  

Meet Elizabeth (Liz) Snyder, yogi and co-owner of Home Power Yoga in Cranford, NJ. I met Liz years ago when we were both teaching yoga at the same studio (we were the two blonde Liz’s teaching hot vinyasa) and was immediately drawn by her all-around beauty, energy and killer classes.

But it’s not just yoga that we have in common. Liz and I both battled a serious case of Lyme disease. I remember seeing her first post announcing her diagnosis, and immediately reached out to give support and share my experience and healing journey.

Liz is brutally honest about her struggles and wins on social media and is a ray of light for those who are fighting similar health battles. She even started her wellness empowerment group that hosts bi-weekly meetups (Thursdays) via zoom to promote encouragement and conversation for those suffering Lyme or other autoimmune disorders. 

I recently had a virtual Q+A with Liz on all things Lyme, running a business, healing + more. I was eager to learn more about Liz’s health journey, and also knew deep down that her experience would help those who are going through something similar.

Everyone, meet your new favorite yogi, Liz Snyder.

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Q+A with Liz SnydeR


I was getting sick pretty frequently for about 3 years before I got diagnosed, usually for only about a week or two at a time before I could go back to life as usual, but once it lasted for about 6 weeks. Every time I went to see the doctor, I was told that it was just a virus, and to get rest & let it go away on its own. I even got a Lyme test during this time that came back negative. 

I opened my first yoga studio, and a week later my 3-year relationship ended. I did what I do best – buried myself in my business and worked every day for months straight until I quite literally crashed. Every morning I woke up, I felt like I had the flu & I could no longer function. After about a month of this, a new Lyme test came back positive & I remember feeling somewhat relieved that I finally had answers.


At first, it was devastating because my business was only months old when I got sick. I forced myself to continue working for fear that I would lose it. I was often too sick to drive, so mom would drop me off to teach & pick me up right after. I’m lucky in the sense that I could make my own schedule. If I was employed by anyone else than myself, I definitely would have had to leave. Even as I have regained a lot of my health, I’m constantly balancing working and healing. 

Overall though, I am so grateful to have a job that I could keep throughout all of it because every day I showed up it immediately forced me out of my own struggles & suffering for those moments, and I always left feeling better. I am also so grateful to have a business partner (my sister) and staff that had my back through all of it and quite literally carried me through that time.


 First, working with Teri Cochrane from Beyond Nutrition in Reston, VA. Prior to meeting Teri, I felt like I was drowning in the middle of the ocean with no life raft. I worked with so many doctors that couldn’t help me, from conventional doctors to holistic doctors & healers. One day I was told by 3 separate doctors that they wouldn’t be able to help me (one was a doctor I had already worked with for 6 months prior, and he originally promised I would get better). Then I was in the emergency room because they thought my organs were shutting down, and the next moment I was getting an MRI because doctors were convinced that I had MS. I started to lose faith that anyone could help me, & I was terrified. I took a shot on Teri, which was a recommendation from a friend, and she was able to customize a very specific anti-inflammatory diet for me that saved my life. Within two days, I could tell it was working.

Second, coffee enemas! It took me about 10 months to try them. After much hesitation, I read enough personal testimonials to be convinced, & I am so happy I did. It definitely took my healing to the next level.


I make time to meditate and rest. It’s become a non-negotiable part of my day, because if I don’t, I immediately get sick. I’ve scaled back my work schedule (which was once out of control) because I want to be able to give people the best, healthiest version of myself instead of the sick, burnt out version. My social life is more around rejuvenating things like going for tea rather than things that deplete me. 


I used to look at my health the way I looked at my whole life: more is better. More workouts at more intensity, & more (healthy-ish) food = better. Lyme disease has taught me that in many cases, less is more. Now, I gravitate towards less, lower intensity workouts. I eat simple, nutrient dense food, and I find stillness as often as possible. 


I’ve realized I am so much stronger than I ever thought was possible. Also, little things that once bothered me or deterred me from doing something seem unimportant & I’m so clear on my larger purpose in life. I no longer take my health or life for granted…I am so deeply grateful to be here, and so excited about life!


No matter how strong of a person you are, reach out for support. This illness can feel impossible to deal with alone. Also, there is a light at the end of the tunnel & it’s worth holding on for. Blind faith!

Some fun questions…

Favorite pose

Ragdoll – a relaxed forward fold 🙂 

Your favorite playlist:

“COME HOME in 60.” A 60-minute yoga playlist I recently made! (linked here)

Three non-social media apps you’re loving:  

  1. Spotify: music, podcasts, & meditations all in one place
  2. Flo: learning a lot in my quest to balance my hormones naturally
  3. The book app, because sometimes I want to read a book instantly! 

Three people who are inspiring you right now:

You, Liz Floyd! I am inspired by your willingness to reach out and help people. I remember getting encouraging messages from you in some of my sickest days, and it would serve as a glimmer of hope. Because of people like you, I now feel a responsibility to do the same for others.

Also, my mom is my forever inspiration. She just turned 71. She does yoga & meditation every day, and just learned how to do crow pose (which was a big fear of hers). Deepak Chopra & his role in keeping the world calm and optimistic during the pandemic.

Favorite (non-yoga-related) way to sweat:

As I’m still healing, my body doesn’t like too much intensity, so I generally stick to walking & yoga. However, I love all things related to moving my body, sweating, & I LOVE to dance.

Your current mantra: 

“Doing my best” – The weekend before quarantine, I attended a workshop with Krishna Das & Sharon Shalzberg at Kripalu (yoga & health center). Sharon talked about how easy it is to start criticizing yourself at the end of the day for all of the things you could have done better / should have done differently & spoke about the power of interrupting that conversation and replacing it with “I am doing my best.”

This has been especially powerful for me during quarantine. In a time where I am navigating a new business, really a new life, I find that I am making a ton of mistakes, second guessing my decisions, and often beating myself up about all of it. I am interrupting this often with, “I am doing my best” or “they are doing their best” to practice love & compassion for myself & others.

To take a (virtual!) class with Liz, visit Home Power Yoga to see their full schedule.

Follow along with Liz’s journey on social here.

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  1. Allie G. says:

    Love reading Lyme success stories like this! Glad to hear’m not alone in this damn battle

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