Six Easy Ways to Cut Plastic Use in 2023

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Plastic is everywhere and it’s a serious problem.  Besides the fact that nearly all of it can’t  (or simply won’t be) recycled, plastic actually has the ability to get into our bodies wreak some serious havoc on our systemic health.  

So how does plastic get into our bodies, you ask? Plastic has the ability to leach into liquid and surrounding porous matter, and at fairly low temperatures too. Plastic has been shown to leach at just 25 degrees Celsius (roughly 77 degrees Fahrenheit) and at faster rates with higher temperatures. Plants also have the ability to absorb micro and nanoplastics through their roots due to plastic-contaminated water and soil. 

Whether it is the packaging your lunch comes in or the bottle you’re drinking out of, hell, even the apples you buy in the store, plastic seems impossible to escape.  But there is hope – and the best place to start making healthier swaps is in the routines you do most frequently. 

Here are six easy ways that we’ve found to cut plastic use down in our life.

 1. Swap Your Electric Toothbrush Head and Floss 

Toothbrush? You bet.  Those bristles are made out of plastic and they rub against your gums like no other.  You use it every day (even twice sometimes like your dentist told you).  But the fact is that plastic is grinding your gums and leaching into them.  Best of all? Those plastic heads can’t be recycled.  So off they go to a landfill forever – and same goes with your floss.  Almost all the major name-brand companies trusted by dentists use plastic and don’t break down.  So you’re cutting your gums up with plastic filament.

The solution? Primal Life Organics makes bamboo heads for your toothbrush, and the bristles are derived from castor beans.  Zero plastic at all.  They get your teeth clean and last as long as your plastic head (and they’re compostable, too.)

And if you don’t have an electric toothbrush, you can still swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo alternative. We love OJOOK – a healthy oral care company that not only sells bamboo toothbrushes, but silk floss and nHA + Bamboo Salt toothpaste that is completely non-toxic and actually remineralizes teeth. Use code THEHIVE for a nice discount.

Leaf Razor Review | The Hive

 2. Cut Out Your Plastic Razor

Razor? Yes. All mainstream razors and razorblades are made with plastic.  You know those things are getting recycled.  Plus, you’re cutting up your face with it, so it’s for sure leaching into your skin.  Worst of all? The lubricating moisture strips on razors are riddled with endocrine disrupting chemicals, which get into your system from all those micro-cuts the razor leaves.

Enter the Leaf razor   It’s a single blade (for men) or multi-blade (for women) design and it is all stainless steel.  No chemical moisture strips, zero plastic.  Just a clean, close shave.  The blades last just as long too, but a soooo much cheaper than other blades.  Plus, it comes with a nifty little stand and looks great out on the counter.  (PS – use code THEHIVE for an extra % off your Leaf Shave purchase)

 3. Ditch Your Plastic Bottle

Let’s face it. Plastic water bottles are terrible for you and the planet.  They leach BPA into the water in them, which goes into you when you drink.  Toxic.  Get rid of them.  Stop buying them.  Just stop it.  You know it’s bad for you. 

Instead, get yourself a Lifefactory water bottle.  It’s all glass, so no worries about plastic leaching into your water.  They come wrapped in a non-slip rubberized grip, so it’s great for taking on the go, or for that workout you’ve been putting off.  They also come in a variety of colors and you can a few different lids.  Whatever matches your mood.

 4. Get Rid of Your Plastic Cookware

Yes, plastic even worms its way into the kitchen.  Basically, any plastic cooking utensil will leach terrible things into your food.  You spent all that money on organic produce and grass fed meat only to cook with a plastic spatula? C’mon man.  Basically, plastic will leach far more chemicals if heated.  You don’t want that.

Fortunately, Misen has you covered.  Get yourself a variety of stainless steel and food grade silicone cooking utensils to make clean cooking a reality again.  Plus, they look great and they’re built to last.  They’re knives and pans are also pretty stellar too.

 5. Dump That Plastic Tupperware

Ok we get it.  Tupperware has been around your entire life, even if that one lid to that one thing has been missing for the last 20 years.  Ever notice those stains on your Tupperware? Well, that’s because plastic is porous.  If your food is leaching into its container, you can bet the container is leaching into your food.  Plus, if you heat it up in the microwave, you are basically nuking your food in plastic.  Super tasty. 

Know what doesn’t do that? Glass.  We use Caraway’s glass food containers in our house. They’re non-toxic ceramic covered glass that’s easier to clean, doesn’t leach chemicals when heated, and frankly looks better.  Do your leftovers a favor and get yourself their Food Storage Set.

 6. Kill Your Coffee Maker

Remember how plastic leaches those nasty chemicals when heated (77 degrees, to be exact?) Well, that coffee maker of yours is made out of mostly plastic, even the piping inside.  Guess where that’s going? That’s right.  Into your cup.  Not only that, but coffee makes are notorious for harboring mold buildup, especially if they’re never given the chance to fully dry out.  

So there are two easy fixes.  Stop drinking coffee.  Just kidding, we know you’re not going to do that.  Ok so there’s really one.  Get yourself a plastic free coffee maker.  Do it like the Italians do, and use a stainless steel Moka Pot (aluminum is reactive, no buono).  We love ours from Bialetti.  If you like volume in your life, we also opted for a Le Creuset Stoneware French Press   It’s beautiful and easy to clean.  So you can get your fix and know you’re doing it right.

Using less plastic is not easy.  But these are some easy swaps that you can make to drastically reduce the amount of plastic in your life, and in turn, your exposure to the endocrine disrupting chemical in plastic.  Less is more with plastic, and we’re confident that these easy fixes are a great place to start. 


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