Everyone’s Ditching Their Multivitamins for Beef Liver Supplements – Here’s Why

Thomas Wrona

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Beef liver may not be the first place your brain goes when you hear the term superfood. But there’s a good reason why people are swapping out their multivitamins beef liver supplements.

If you’re anything like the rest of us you’ve probably been bombarded with claims that plants are the real superfoods. The more colorful they are, the lower calorie they are, the better . . . right?

Not according to the science. A growing body of scientific research shows that beef liver is actually one of the most nutrient-dense foods in existence. If anything deserves to be called a superfood, it’s beef liver! 

Let’s take a closer look at beef liver’s long list of biochemical blessings. In this article you’ll learn:

  • What are beef organ supplements?
  • The many benefits of beef liver supplements
    • Loaded with iron
    • Provides adequate choline
    • Amazing A
    • Increased satiety
    • Helps build strength and muscle mass
Beef Liver Supplement Benefits | The Hive
photo: Heart & Soil Supplements


Beef organs have been known and loved by society for thousands of years. Organs like heart, liver, kidneys – and even reproductive organs like testicles – were prized by the earliest known cultures, the most remote tribal mothers and their children, and the fathers of modern medicine. 

Early Greek physicians acknowledged the liver as the body’s most important organ. “The liver is the […] principal instrument of sanguification,” an anatomist named Galen wrote. [1] These pioneering medical practitioners believed the easiest way to improve your own liver health was to eat the livers of healthy animals. 

It turns out they were right! Beef liver is amazingly rich in hard-to-get vitamins, minerals, cofactors, and enzymes. It contains enough natural goodness to fuel a child’s optimal growth and an athlete’s most intense workouts. 

There’s probably only one downside to beef liver: not everyone enjoys its taste. (If you’ve been raised on a diet of modern ‘foods,’ you might not, either.) But no worries — thanks to beef liver *supplements*, it’s now possible to access all of liver’s best benefits without having to taste it. More on these beef liver supplement benefits next. 

Beef Liver Supplement Benefits | The Hive
photo: @heartandsoilsupplements


Consuming beef liver supplements opens the door to an incredibly wide variety of health benefits. Many of these benefits are ‘unlocked’ at the epigenetic level, as the nutrients in beef liver begin activating your genes and upregulating more desirable genetic expression: 


A single serving of liver (and most other organ meats) provides more than enough iron to hit your RDA. This allows beef liver to keep your body oxygenated and firing on all cylinders. In other good news, this iron comes in the form of ultra-bioavailable heme iron. Plant-based alternatives just can’t compete. [2]


Organ meats are also one of nature’s very best sources of choline. What’s choline, you may ask? It’s a B-vitamin-like nutrient that’s converted into various neurotransmitters once ingested. Studies show that many people eating a standard American diet (SAD diet) are running low in choline. This deficiency can lead to brain fog, memory problems, mood swings, and more. Supplement with beef liver and that probably won’t happen to you. [3]


If we had to highlight a single nutrient contained in beef liver, it’d probably be vitamin A. Just one small serving of liver contains enough vitamin A to keep your body fully stocked for roughly a week. [4

Beef liver is impressively high in other fat-soluble vitamins, too, including vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K. These nutrients run in pairs by design: vitamin D and A help with calcium absorption, vitamin K helps with calcium partitioning, and vitamin E helps direct calcium into the brain. 


It’s hard to stay healthy when you’re craving sweets and treats all the time. Thankfully for anyone who wants to stay fit, beef liver may help you stay fuller for longer! How? By supplying your body with complete proteins and other satiating nutrients. Studies show that these nutrients a) downregulate hunger hormones and b) ‘cost’ more energy to be processed than other macronutrients. [5]


Your body needs nine separate amino acids to build muscle mass . . . and beef liver contains each and every one of them. That means beef liver may:

  • Improve muscle mass
  • Upregulate fat-burning
  • Improve athletic recovery
  • Improve athletic endurance
  • Reduce overtraining symptoms


Beef liver contains almost everything you need to optimize the health of your mitochondria, body, and mind. Think of it as one of nature’s original biohacks.

And, as if that weren’t enough, beef liver is radically easier to take than it used to be. Beef liver capsules place the power of this superfood directly into the palm of your hand — taste-free, mess-free, and ultra-convenient!  


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