The Wellness Gift Guide


The worthy gifts for the wellness lover of your life (even if that’s you.) No matter who you’re shopping for, these products are all fantastic for healthier living. 

Wellness Gifts for 2020

Beekeeper’s Naturals Hive Pharmacy Travel Kit

Fight jet lag, defend your immune system, get energized, and feel clearer than ever with this antioxidant-packed kit.



Your own personal, portable deep-tissue masseuse.

from $299

Vitamix® A2300 Ascent™ Series Blender

The ultimate kitchen staple for any wellness lover out there. Make anything from steaming-hot soup to frozen sorbet, from chunky salsa to silky smoothies.

$499 Get 20% off with this link

Mito Red Light Therapy

Highly-rated red light therapy devices for longevity. 

from $299

G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush

The perfect tool for clarifying and energizing the skin while promoting whole-body lymph flow. 


Bala Weights

Add a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout with one pound Bala Bangles wrist and ankle weights.


Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket

Deep, cellular rejuvenation that you can take on the go. It’s like a workout, without the working out. 

$499, $124 on Quadpay

Caraway Cookware Set | The Hive

Caraway Home Cookware Set

A ceramic-coated, non-toxic cookware set that makes for the perfect kitchen investment. 

 $399 for complete set

ByHumankind Deodorant

The refillable, clean deodorant that eliminates B.O.-causing bacteria 40% faster than other leading natural deodorants.

from $12

Lettuce Grow

No garden? No problem. Here’s a hydroponic to make up to 36 of your own plants with little space and little to no effort. 

from $348

Brightland Alive Olive Oil 

Clean, refreshing olive oils and vinegars. 


OJOOK Toothpaste

nHA + Korean bamboo salt toothpaste is the better (and cleaner) alternative to flouride.

$80 for 6-pack, $18 ea.


If there’s one thing to upgrade for 2021, its your mattress. This certified non-toxic mattress is highly rated and will immediately upgrade the bedroom & sleep health. 

from $899

Goop x Avocado Meditation Pillow

The perfect cushion for mindful moments. .


Seed Daily Synbiotic

Good gut health = good overall health. The highest quality probiotic on the market. 


b.WR Underwear

Soft & sustainable bamboo fiber is not only great for the environment, but its naturally antimicrobial and sweat-wicking. The softest underwear you’ll ever wear. 

from $18

Himalayan Salt Alarm Clock

Swap the bedside phone alarm for this beautiful clock. 


Brooklyn Candle Studio Santal Candle

Clean, non-toxic scent that will fill up the room. 


Pique Tea Ode To Tea Gift Box

The highest quality tea out there. Triple toxin screened for pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins. 


Vitruvi Stone Diffuser 

Beautiful home decor + wellness accessory built in one


Boundless by Ben Greenfield

The biohacker’s bible. 

from $32

Sijo Home French Linen Sheet Set

Sustainable, luxurious French linen sheets to level up your quality of sleep. 

from $90

Cultures for Health Sourdough Starter

Make sourdough starter quickly and effortlessly.  


LARQ bottle | The Hive

LARQ Water Bottle

Self-cleaning water bottle & water purification system that uses UV-C LED light.



High quality CBD designed to meet your every need. 

Kin Euphorics High Rhode

A non-alcoholic beverage with a beautiful blend of adaptogens, nootropics + botanics.


Heart & Soil Beef Organs

The ultimate, whole-food multivitamin


use code HIVE10 for 10% off

Organifi Green Juice

The best tasting, organic green juice that will become your new fav. 



Qualia Performance Bundle

The ultimate supplement for energy, focus and sleep. 

use code THEHIVE for discount

SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine

Light sound to deepen your sleep.


Epsom salts

Magnesium Sulfate – the perfect cold-season remedy for aches. 


Baloo Weighted Throw

Rest easy with this weighted throw. It’ll be the only blanket you’ll ever want or need. 


Pur03 Ozone Oil

Ozone oil is the perfect remedy for ANYTHING skin related. A must-have


Tongue Scraper

An easy, daily tool to keep your breath fresh and mouth clean.  



A hilariously useful gift that you know they’ll probably use every day. Save your ass, wallet and planet at the same time.

from $89

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush

Good health starts with good oral health. 

$154 20% off here

Resistance Bands

For easy, go-to at-home workouts. 



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