The Random Things We Tried & Loved This Past Month

Liz Smith

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Over the past month, our team has tried out different gadgets, clothes, supplements, and even hit up a vacation designation to see if they were worth the internet hype. Here’s what we tried, loved and gave our stamp of share-worthy-approval this past month. 

Aarke Carbonator III

We’re big fans of sparkling water, but not fans of PFA’S  – those “forever chemicals” that are abundant in our favorite bottled sparkling waters (sorry, Topo Chico lovers.) We recently invested in the Aarke Carbonator III which has already saved us a LOT of money on bottled water (and the waste that comes with it.) It’s also one of the sexiest appliances you can leave on your countertop. 

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Hilton Los Cabos | The Hive

Hilton Los Cabos

This year for LDW, we said adios to the states and made our way down to Los Cabos. We’ve been eyeing the Hilton Los Cabos for a while and it DID NOT disappoint. The food was beyond exceptional, the atmosphere was sophisticated and the entire resort was renovated and redesigned in 2020. If you’re looking for a safe, upscale resort within 30 mins of the airport, book this place. And if you’re wondering what precautions they take with covid, masks are only required while walking in the restaurants and they even offer convenient on-site testing for your flight back into the states. 

Thousand Fell Sneakers

Decided to put an order in for these sneakers and they’re officially our most-used shoes in this office. Thousand Fell sneakers are not only recyclable, they’re super easy to keep clean thanks to the vegan leather finish. They’re also stylish and comfortable as hell – can we ask for anything else? 

Body Bio 

We mentioned we love sparkling water, but what we really meant was that we love sparkling *mineral* water. 

We started making our own by using our Aarke carbonator with our reverse osmosis water filter, and then we pour our favorite  Body BIo Liquid Minerals in there. They’re a pre-mixed macro and trace mineral blend of K, Zn, Mg, Cr, Mn, and Mo. It’s completely tasteless and contains zero PFAS that are often found in other bottled waters at Whole Foods. 

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Osea Seabiotic Water Cream | The Hive

Osea Seabiotic Water cream

We’ll be the first to admit – if Osea makes it, we love it. And this new Seabiotic Water Cream is no exception.

This microbiome-supporting moisturizer is extremely hydrating and perfect for the change in season.

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Kin Euphorics Lightwave

The ultimate wind-down beverage. We’ve been a big fan of Kin Euphorics for quite some time, and as soon as they came out with their new wind-down beverage, we knew we had to try it. 

Lightwave is a slightly-carbonated beverage blended with nootropics, adaptogens and other botanicals that are designed to calm the mind and bring some inner peace. We like ours poured over ice with a weighted blanket and a good book. 


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