The Hive Book Club October Pick: Lock Every Door

Kaylee Baez

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This month we are so excited to introduce The Hive’s newest monthly feature — the Hive’s Book Club! We’re here to help you get back into a reading groove. And yes  — we could wait until the new year to help you kickstart some healthy habits but as the old saying goes : there truly is no better time like the present. If you’ve always wanted to be a reader, this is your opportunity to start.  

We love to read here at The Hive and want to do our very best to encourage you to do the same. Even reading 10 pages a day has been shown to help reduce stress, improve memory and concentration, and sharpen your intelligence.  So if you’re reading this right now, consider yourself officially initiated into our book club  — we are so happy to have you! 

This month we are excited to start with our spooky, thriller, favorite Lock Every Door by Riley Sager.


Lock Every Door is a phenomenal read that will have you at the edge of your seat until the very end. The story follows Jules Larsen an unemployed, recently heartbroken girl who is desperate to change her current circumstance. Jules comes across a job opportunity as an apartment sitter at the equally glamorous and infamous Bartholomew where the elite class reside. 

Jules is offered a large sum of money for the job on the condition that she doesn’t spend any nights away from the apartment and doesn’t have any visitors. During her stay, Jules meets Ingrid, another apartment sitter who is skeptical and wary of the truth behind the Bartholomew. Jules makes plans to meet with Ingrid again and discovers that Ingrid has disappeared. 

As Jules searches for the truth about Ingrid’s disappearance, she quickly discovers the Bartholomew is not at all what it seems. As Jules uncovers the Bartholomew’s dark past, she finds that each tenant is tied within its secrets and no one can be trusted. 

Lock Every Door pulls you into the likes of a ghost story and fully enthralls you with the escape. If you love a good book that both scares and thrills you, Lock Every Door is the perfect October read. It will have you living a nightmare and turning the page for more. 

Grab your copy and join us. Big things are happening here at The Hive and we want you to be a part of all of it! 

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