The Biohacker’s Gift Guide

Biohackers Gift Guide | The Hive


The ultimate gift guide for those looking to upgrade their health and life. From supplements to saunas, check out our favorite biohacking tools that will make for the perfect gift. 

Everlywell Home Test Kits

At-home test kits for food sensitivities, heavy metals, gut health & more. 

prices vary


Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket

A portable infrared sauna suitable for any living space.


ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet

A guided 5-day “fast” for better energy, sleep and body composition. 

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from $224

Oura Ring

Getting better sleep starts with understanding your sleep. 

from $299

DIFF Blue Light Glasses

Keep your eyes safe during screen time with DIFF’s selection of Blue Light glasses. 

$50 – prices vary

Glucose + Ketone Testing Kit

Understand how your body reacts to glucose with this portable testing kit. 

Portable Ozone Device | The Hive

Portable Ozone Sanitation Device

Naturally disinfect & ozone water with this simple and affordable device.


Higher Dose Infrared PEMF Mat

Support muscle recovery, reduce stress and support the CNS with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy.


Boundless by Ben Greenfield | The Hive

Boundless by Ben Greenfield

The biohacker’s bible. 

from $32

Fast Bars

These nut-based bars do their magic to keep you in a fasting state. 

Get 30% off with code FAST30

Qualia Mind

The highest-rated nootropic for energy, focus & mental clarity. 

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Mito Red Light Therapy

Highly-rated red light therapy devices for longevity. 

from $299

Brain Octane Oil

Turn on fat-burning, brain-powering ketone energy with Bulletproof’s MCT oil. 


Kion Coffee

The cleanest coffee you’ll ever drink. Certified organic with no pesticides, mold or mycotoxins.



Kion Lean is a natural blood sugar support supplement that uses plant-based ingredients to support your metabolism, even after carb-heavy meals (hello, holidays.) 



SomniFix Mouth Tape

Promote nose breathing during sleep, reduce snoring, increase CPAP compliance & improve sleep quality.

from $19.97

Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister

Oxidation is coffee beans’ worst enemy. Keep it fresh and mold-free with this vacuum canister from Amazon. 



Ozone Insulation Package

Everything you need for simple ozone insufflations and ozonating water.


Maintain good oral health with the power of ozone. 



LightStim For Acne LED Light Therapy

Biohack your skin with light therapy.


Molekule Air Purifier

The best air purifier on the market that comes in multiple sizes for your unique needs.


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