Qualia Mind Review 2023 – My Full Experience Taking Neurohacker’s Nootropic

Liz Smith

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When was the last time you’ve felt super focused and naturally in the flow? If you’re no longer in your early 20’s, having natural energy and focus might be something of the distant past. And if you’re like me and have dealt with Lyme disease or autoimmune issues, you’re likely no stranger to brain fog too. Even in perfectly healthy people, brain fog can occur from the stress and mental over-exertion of our busy lives.  Qualia Mind Review 2023

What would you do if you were able to focus on difficult tasks without the use of heavy stimulants? Qualia Mind Review 2023 

If you’re into biohacking or in the market for quality nootropics, you’ve probably heard of Neurohacker Collective and Qualia MindNeurohacker is one of the leading supplement companies for enhancing longevity, sleep & cognition.

If you’re looking for an honest Qualia Mind review, look no further. Here’s my full, unbiased review of Qualia Mind.  Qualia Mind Review 2023 

My Qualia Mind Review 2023

I’m constantly intrigued by anything that could improve my physical and mental health. And when I came across Neurohacker – and specifically, Qualia Mind – I was eager to give it a shot. I naturally have trouble focusing, so a little extra help can go a long way with my day-to-day productivity.

I’ve tried countless “focus-inducing” pills in the past and couldn’t stand the side effects. I felt drained, depleted, jittery and anxiety-ridden until they were out of my system. I also wasn’t sure how they would affect my long-term brain health.

As someone who prefers to go a more “natural” route, I was excited to try something that could potentially help me be more productive in my day-to-day while supporting my long-term brain health.

First: What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are known for their beneficial effect on brain function in healthy people. Nootropics are generally used for boosting memory, motivation, creativity, alertness and general cognitive function. Nootropics typically fall into three general categories: dietary supplements, research compounds, and prescription drugs.

But before you rely on a nootropic…

Like any other supplement, in order to get the best results, you need to focus on a holistically healthy lifestyle – and I’m talking about good diet, exercise and sleep. Good sleep hygiene is crucial for making Qualia Mind work because no supplement can counter the effects of sh*tty sleep. But once you have those basics down, the right nootropics might serve as a bonus for optimal cognitive function.

What is Qualia Mind?

Qualia Mind is a nootropic created by Neurohacker and designed to “help you focus better, decrease procrastination, and have more energy.” What makes Qualia Mind unique is that it carefully blends 28 nourishing brain-health nutrients into one formula, with the synergistic benefits of taking the nutrients together, factored into the formula. In addition, the nutrients in Qualia Mind include premium and rare ingredients like celastrus seed extract, bacopa leaf extract, coffeeberry, mucuna pruriens seed extract, plus 24 additional brain nourishing compounds.

I first heard about Qualia Mind from other health & biohacking entrepreneurs, including Ben Greenfield who calls it “the best nootropic stack ever made.” And out of the thousands of 5-star reviews, regular Mind users claim that the product promotes focus, supporting energy, mental clarity, mood, memory, and creativity.Qualia Mind Review 2023

Another aspect that makes Mind unique is that it’s actually designed to fuel cognition while supporting long-term brain health – that is not how other mainstream focus “solutions” are designed.

Why I tried it outQualia Mind Review 2021

I wanted to find the right nootropic to help me with the following:

  • Needed to get into the work “flow” quicker
  • Needed help with general focus 
  • No afternoon down / sleepiness after lunch

And here’s the side effects I didn’t want:

  • No jitters.
  • No afternoon crash
  • No next-day fog
  • No anxiety Qualia Mind Review 2023
2021 Qualia Mind Review | The HIve

Here’s what happened after trying Qualia Mind for the first time

I decided to try it out on a Monday morning with the full 7-capsule dose. I took them before breakfast on an empty stomach with a large glass of water and a small cup of coffee. Within an hour, I started feeling a sense of euphoria – it’s hard to explain. I felt uplifted, in a positive mood, and ready to get sh*t done. 

After my first experience using Qualia Mind:

My overall awareness went up. My thoughts came and went without deterring me from my work at hand.

My short-term memory recall improved. I always struggle to remember names and dates (even moments after someone tells me) and I noticed that my short-term recall was significantly better.

I was able to get more done without any jitters or anxiety. As a writer, I noticed I was able to get my thoughts down on paper more efficiently and quickly than I normally do. A BIG win for me.

I didn’t crash when the supplement wore off. I actually felt very happy and peaceful, even after the supplement gradually wore off.

On the second day, I tried lowering my dosage to 5 capsules instead of the recommended 7. I tried 7 at first and lowered them to 5 to see if I noticed a drastic difference. Even with the lower dosage, I still felt focused and driven throughout the day.

Any Negative Feedback?

While I experienced zero negative side effects, I talked to a few people who have tried the product and who had some negative feedback.

My boyfriend, who’s 6’5 and has taken stimulants in the past, mentioned that he felt a bit jittery after taking the supplement. I, on the other hand, did not experience jitters at all (and we both took the same recommended single-serving of 7 capsules.) Another friend of mine experienced some slight anxiety as well.

My only negative feedback is the serving size – 7 capsules is a lot to take down, especially for someone who is not a fan of swallowing pills.

That being said, they do make a caffeine-free version, which may be the best option for those sensitive to caffeine and stimulants. Also, given that the serving size is 7 capsules, you have the ability to start with one or two and work your way up depending on how you react.Qualia Mind Review 2021

The takeaway here is that your unique bio-individuality will determine how any supplement will work. Your experience with Qualia Mind may be very different than mine. It’s important to use your best judgement and talk to your doc before trying anything new.

Overall Thoughts on Qualia Mind

After giving it a shot, I can 100% say it’s a product that works extremely well for me. I LOVE it.  It gives me the exact, clean & clear energy that I was looking for without any nasty side effects or crash. And knowing that it supports my long-term brain health makes me open to taking it regularly. 

I’m currently sticking to the 4-5 capsules instead of the 7 and don’t feel a tolerance to it at all. I’m also sticking to schedule of taking the supplement 5 days on, two days off as recommended by Neurohacker (or less during the week if I don’t need it.) 

A Few Qualia Mind FAQ’s

How long does it take for Qualia Mind to kick in?

The company states that you can feel it within 40 minutes. Personally, It takes me roughly an hour for it to kick in. This all depends on if I eat or not in the morning.

How do I take Qualia Mind?

Neurohacker recommends taking 7 capsules first thing in the morning with water. If you have a sensitive stomach, it may be best to take it with food to avoid any stomach ache. Personally, I hate 4-5 supplements and feel great with that dosing. It’s a good idea to start with a few and work your way up to see how your unique body reacts.

How many servings are in a bottle?

One bottle of Qualia Mind typically lasts a month (7 capsules, 5 days a week.) If you take a lower dosage like me, you’ll get a few more servings out of it.

What ingredients are in Qualia Mind?

There are 28 active ingredients in Qualia Mind: 7 vitamins & minerals, 21 nootropics and 5 other non-active ingredients.

Click here for full list of ingredients.

What’s the difference between Qualia Mind vs. Qualia Mind Essentials vs. Qualia Mind Caffeine-Free?

Qualia Mind Essentials is a more affordable option from Neurohacker. It contains 24 of the 28 ingredients found in Qualia Mind, but some at slightly lower doses. As the name suggests, Qualia Mind Essentials is for addressing the most essential aspects of brain health and brainpower at a lower price point, whereas Qualia Mind is the gold standard formula. Qualia Mind Caffeine Free is the stimulant-free version of Qualia Mind with the formula being otherwise the same. Even the regular Qualia Mind formula only has 90mg’s of caffeine per serving which is roughly equivalent to a large coffee, but for those with caffeine sensitivities, fear not, there’s a formula option for you too.

Is there a discount code for Qualia Mind?

Use the coupon code ‘THEHIVE for 15% on any Qualia Mind and Neurohacker Collective order.

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