My Pregnancy Must-Haves

Liz Smith

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Throughout my pregnancy, my goal has been to be present. Each day has been completely different in regards to how I feel, so my normal routines have shifted quite a bit. I’m cutting back in all areas of my life and happily “doing less” where I can. 

But as I step into my third trimester of pregnancy, I’ve noticed there have been a few products that I’ve been using nearly daily – and thought I’d share the things that have helped me feel my best along the way. They fall into the following categories:

1. clean, effective self-care routines

2. good sleep hygiene 

3. effortless (and comfortable) outfits 

Here are the top self-care, beauty, clothing and sleep products I’ve been using on repeat over the past 6+ months of my pregnancy. 

For my full list of prenatal supplements, check out this post for all the details and links. 

Beauty & Self-Care

The Golden Secrets

Womb Wisdom Skin Toning Oil

My favorite low-PUFA skin tightening oil designed for pregnancy and postpartum. Been using this daily and I’m in my 3rd trimester and not showing any stretch marks.  

The Skinny Confidential

Le Spoon

The perfect tool to help with lymphatic drainage and the inevitable pregnancy cellulite. I’ll use this with the Womb Wisdom Oil – a perfect duo. 


Hot Mess Ice Roller

Pregnancy “puffiness” is inevitable and I’ve noticed it more in my face than ever. This is my favorite morning ritual to de-puffing my face and I see nearly instant results.

The Golden Secrets

Long Lash Growth Serum

My lashes sadly took a hit this pregnancy. This non-toxic serum is bringing back their strength and length. I plan on using this postpartum as well. 


Bounceback Serum

AKA Botox in a bottle. It’s THE serum for anti-aging thats both pregnancy-safe & non-toxic. PS – every product they have is a game changer. 


Total Protection Face Shield Flex

This tinted mineral SPF is better than makeup. On days where I’m spending more than just 20 mins outside, I’ll use this as my makeup and SPF.


Hostage Tape

Mouth Tape

A game changer for better sleep & snoring. It’s the comfiest mouth tape I’ve tried that actually stays put. 

Moon Juice


My go-to, sleepy-time cocktail that actually tastes pretty good.

Cozy Earth

Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set

Unbelievably soft and sits perfectly under my bump (without digging in.)


Pregnancy Full-Body Pillow

The perfectly-firm body pillow your hips and belly will thank you for (and what your partner will quickly grow to hate.)

Clothing + Shoes


French Terry Maternity Short

100% organic cotton short with the comfiest elastic waistband. My most-worn pregnancy item. 


The Casual Clog

My go-to errand and dog walking shoe that supports my sole *perfectly*. 

Mate The Label

Organic Fleece Oversized Sweatshirt

The perfect organic cotton hoodie for any stage of pregnancy. 

LÉGOE Heritage

Knit Maternity Tank

This top is unbelievably flattering and designed for both pregnancy and postpartum. You can’t go wrong with anything from this store.

Organic Basics

Core Triangle Bra

My go-to bra, although every bra this brand creates is *chefs kiss*. Organic cotton and insanely comfortable. 

organic Basics

Flex Thong

The only underwear I’m wearing these days. You can’t go wrong with any style from Organic Basics. 



Stanley Quencher H2.0

Call me basic, IDC. I finally caved and bought a Stanley and now I know what all the hype is about. Hydration during pregnancy = key. 


Extra Thick Yoga Ball

Swapped my work chair for one of these and my back has never been happier. I got the largest size (78-85cm) – I’m 5″8 and this works perfectly for me. 

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