Morning Routines with Jannika Rask

Liz Smith

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We’re kicking off our “Morning Routine” series with one of our favorite wellness entrepreneurs,  Jannika Rask – a holistic health coach and mentor from New York City. Jannika is passionately devoted to guiding and empowering women to heal themselves from within. Her mind-body approach to supporting the health of her clients combines integrative nutrition, ancient wisdom traditions, nature and science.


I’m a big believer in the power of a morning routine and what it can do for our health and life. Structuring a regular practice into my life has allowed me to create more time for things I enjoy and has contributed to a richer, more fulfilling life. 

With a regular practice in place, my productivity and creativity increases, my intuition strengthens, and I have the clarity of mind to make smarter, more aligned decisions from a centered place. A morning routine provides the motivation to get the needle-moving tasks completed and allows me to direct my energy toward my true passions and interests.

Maintaining a consistent routine is a powerful way to keep the mind and body healthy, which is why this is a starting point with all of my coaching clients. Routine creates a foundation that we can return to whenever we fall off track. We all have those days where we feel off or unmotivated, which can be especially true after an indulgent evening or stressful workday. On days like these, we can use our routine to nourish ourselves so we can feel our best.

The beauty of routine is that it’s cumulative. It’s the result of what we do day after day after day. I’ve crafted my routine so that it only includes activities that I actually enjoy doing. 

On most days, I wake up at 6am and begin my routine with a centering and grounding guided meditation. I use the Insight Timer app which I love. They have the largest archive of meditations and it’s free. Most days I do a simple 10-15 minute meditation. Check out my morning meditation playlist.

After my meditation, I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my skincare routine which consists of washing my face with cold water, followed by amino acid serums, Pai face oil and gua sha, which I swear by! It’s something I look forward to and is like a workout for your face, resulting in healthier, glowing skin. 

Next I hydrate with plenty of water and take my all-in-one probiotic and prebiotic supplement by Seed (use code JANNIKA for 15% off the first month of their Daily Synbiotic subscription).

I make a point to move a little every day. Most days I get my movement in through walking which is easy to do living in NYC. I also love pilates reformer classes and swear by mindful movement which is why I’m a fan of Melissa Wood Health workouts.  

I intermittent fast a couple days throughout the week. On mornings when I’m not fasting, I’ll start with a nourishing cup of bone broth. My favorite brand is Fond and I am obsessed with all their flavors. My current go-to is ‘Mother’s’ which has fennel and apple cider vinegar. This one especially is a nice reset for the gut. Use my discount code JANNIKA for 20% off your purchase. 

I’ll let my body digest the broth for 30 minutes then I’ll either have fresh fruit with probiotic-rich yogurt, scrambled eggs with toast or overnight oats. For some of my healthy go-to recipes, you can download a free copy of my IntuitivEats Cookbook.

 I’m energized and ready to get my workday going which usually begins around 8am.

For guides, recipes and to learn more about Jannika Rask’s programs, follow her beautiful Instagram and visit her website here. 

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