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The Molekule, one-part air filter one-part particulate hunter-killer.  But wait a minute, you say.  Did you just write a blog post about how it was healthy and necessary to go out into the big wide world and get dirty? Yes, dear reader you are correct.  But it is equally important to ensure that the quality of the air you breathe inside your home, office (or home-office as the case may be) is clean.  After all your lungs are one of the largest organs in your body and if you inhale something toxic it basically goes directly into your blood stream (or non-toxic, right stoners?).  Plus, indoor air quality is far worse than outdoor air quality most of the time. Molekule air purifier reviews

In the age of COVID-19, when everyone is walking around wearing masks outside even when they’re 100 yards from the nearest person, it’s safe to say that quality air is becoming harder to come by (especially since it’s wildfire season here in California).  Although masks may help mitigate the spread (or not), you get the recurring experience of breathing your own nasty breath every time you inhale and exhale.  Now, indoor air is generally far and away more polluted than outdoor air, because there is simply less airspace for the pollutants to spread out into.  A normal HEPA filter only traps airborne contaminants.  A HEPA filter does not destroy anything, it merely traps it to the extent it can but what it can’t trap gets passed right through into the room unmitigated.  molekule air purifier reviews

What makes Molekule different?

Well, it’s two stage-filter system not just traps pollutants, but also destroys them, including (drum roll, please) airborne viruses, as well as bacteria and common pollutants from aerosols, car exhaust, VOC’s, etc., via a pre-filter and a proprietary PECO filter.  Thus, the Molekule effectively provides you air that is not merely filtered, but air that has been thoroughly cleaned.  As I live in California and the sky is brown from the wildfires currently raging, it’s nice to know that my Molekule can destroy smoke particulate and help me breathe easy. molekule air purifier reviews

How easy is the Molekule to use?

Easy.  It has touch screen interface and you can control the module with its own app from your phone.  It has three settings, varying by the square footage you want to filter or the size of the room.  It has a “dark mode” which turns off its usual blue glow, if you prefer.  It has three modes, boost (for deep air scrubbing if you’ve been gone a while or say your roommate burned that pizza), auto (which is basically the default) and silent (which provides the same level of cleaning as auto essentially but without the “whir” of the machine). I run both of mine almost full-time to keep the air as fresh as possible.  molekule air purifier reviews

Molekule Mini | The Hive

Molekule air purifier reviews


Any room in the house.  I have one in the living room set on the largest room setting.  I have one in the bedroom set on the medium room setting, and I will be getting one for my office space (ahem, virus killing properties, kind of need that in 2020 if you’re not working from home).  I have a Mini+ in my office, and it has definitely made a difference in the air quality in my office and gives me additional peace of mind.


The air in your space, and I’m not making this up, will smell clean.  Not sterile, not like someone sprayed enough Lysol to kill a bat, but clean.  You’ll know it when you smell it.  There may be some initial off-gassing smell (I’ve never experienced it, but some other reviewers have) although the company says it should wear off quickly. 


Three.  The original Molekule Air, the Air Mini, and the Air Pro.  All three offer the same PECO filtration, they’re just designed for different sized rooms.  

Molekule Air:

  • Made to destroy pollutants in larger spaces up to 600 sq. ft.
  • Has 2 filters- one “pre” filter and one PECO filter 

Molekule Mini:

  • The mini has two versions: the standard model and a newer one with Auto-Protection and Particle Sensor
  •  Cleans up to 250 sq. ft
  • Only contains the PECO filter

Molekule Pro:

  • Destroys pollutants in extra large spaces up to 1000 sq. ft. 
  • 3x airflow of Molekule’s award-winning home air purifiers
  • Designed for high-traffic spaces & high-needs users.


Although the Molekule is a bit pricey, you can get easy financing.  I bought my Molekule on Black Friday using Affirm, and utilized the cashback code on Ebates (I think I got like 5% back, which isn’t shabby), and paid it off over 6 months. Delivery was prompt and set-up was a breeze. 


I’ve noticed a drastic difference in the quality of the air I breath since I’ve been using the Molekule in my home and office.  My allergies are dramatically reduced and my house and office smell clean with no nasty chemicals or masking scents. The gentle whir of the machine in my bedroom acts as white noise and helps me fall asleep at night.  In world basically sagging under the weight of toxic air, the Molekule certainly is a breath of fresh air.  Get yours here.

molekule air purifier reviews

Dan Smith

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