One Year Of Using A Molekule Air Purifier

Liz Smith

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It’s been roughly a year since moving from NYC to Southern California, and I truthfully wasn’t expecting how poor air quality can be out here. Between the LA fires, dry air, a dusty house and high pollen count, my childhood asthma has returned with a vengeance. My asthma immediately affected my sleep and overall energy, and no matter what medication I took, my breathing didn’t get any better. That’s when I started doing my research on high-quality air purifiers. 

Aside from pollen and dust mites, one of my major asthma triggers is mold. I moved into an older house by the beach, not knowing the house I’d be living in wasn’t routinely taken care of prior to my move-in. As someone who has dealt with Lyme Disease, I knew that living in a moldy environment can cause an array of adverse reactions.  Avoiding the idea of moving, I scrubbed the walls and blinds, cleaned the carpet to the best of my ability, but my asthma was still an ongoing struggle. My reaction to the mold evolved into horrible sleeping patterns, constant brain fog, and more of my Lyme Disease symptoms kept flaring up.

After comparing multiple high-end filters, I bit the bullet and purchased a Molekule Air Purifier. Here’s why I made the investment in this high-end air purifier.

Molekule’s filters are more efficient than other HEPA filters

HEPA, or high efficiency particulate air, is a type of filter that removes 99.9% of particles above a certain size – a standard set by the Department of Energy. HEPA filters work by trapping the particles in the filter that needs to be changed every few months. But these tiny trapped particles can multiply, grow, and eventually leak back out into the surrounding environment. 

Molekule, on the other hand, is the first air purifier to actually kill particles instead of trapping them. It also traps the particles that HEPA filters can’t, including mold, bacteria, viruses and VOC’s. Molekule uses a Pre-Filter to suck in contaminated air, and a secondary Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) filter that works at the molecular level to eliminate those trapped contaminants. Independent lab results have shown that the PECO filter destroys VOCs that even the best HEPA filters can’t. 

Eliminates the effects of chemical off-gassing

I wasn’t aware of off-gassing until I ordered new furniture that came with a California Prop 65 notice, explaining how chemicals in the furniture may cause cancer or birth defects through off-gassing. 

Chemical off-gassing is the release of toxic gases that are trapped in products and materials during production. Organic chemicals are trapped during the manufacturing of certain goods (specifically furniture, foam mattresses, paint). These chemicals are eventually released as particulate matter and gases called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Aka, that “brand new” smell. Common VOCs found in the home are benzene, toluene, styrene and formaldehyde*. The Molekule works by trapping these VOC’s and eliminates them for good. 

Perfect for Pet Owners

Although my puppy doesn’t shed much, I’ll occasionally feel my allergies flare up with him during the hotter months (and same with my family.)  I’ve found that the Molekule helps eliminate the dander floating throughout my apartment and keeps the air smelling fresh. 

Sleek, easy to use

The Molekule is by far one of the better-looking air purifiers on the market. It’s made out of aluminum with a leather handle that makes it easy to move around the house. 

It has three power settings, including one “Silent Mode” for those who are sensitive to sound. The top of the machine has a touch-screen display that’s easy to use. And if you’re a fan of Bluetooth, the Molekule as the ability to be controlled by an app on your phone.

Auto-refills on filters

No matter what air purifier you use, all air filters need regular replacement. Over time, air filters will become saturated or clogged with pollutants which will minimize its effectiveness. Molekule offers filter auto-delivery to make replacements easy (one every three months, the other every 6). The machine also comes with a year of free filters too. 

How I feel after one year of using my Molekule air purifier

One year of use and I noticed a huge difference in air quality. During my first night of sleep with the Molekule on, my nightly coughing completely stopped. By night three I had the best sleep in over 3 months. And now, I keep it on almost full-time to keep my apartment fresh. 

Want to try it out for yourself? Here’s a link for $75 off your purchase. 

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