Leaf Razor Review 2023 – Performance, Cost + If We Think It’s Worth It

Liz Smith

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Leaf Razor Review: Key Points:

  • Plastic razors are a major contributor of microplastics in the environment (and in turn, our bodies)
  • Moisture strips and plastics in conventional razors contain harmful endocrine disruptors
  • Leaf’s razor is 100% plastic-free and non-toxic
  • Pros: zero plastic, recyclable, sleek and beautiful, provides an amazing shave, most cost-effective long-term after the up-front purchase. 
  • Cons: more of an investment upfront, must be comfortable changing razor blades, can be an adjustment not using a moisture strip. 
  • Worth it? Yes. We’ve made the switch and don’t plan on going back to plastic disposable razors ever again. 
Leaf Razor Review | The Hive

You can’t blame people for choosing plastic razors. They’re cheap, affordable, and extremely easy to replace. And I’ll be honest here – I’ve used one for the majority of my adulthood. But as we see more microplastics showing up in places where they shouldn’t be (i.e., a fetus’s umbilical cord and even in the food we eat) it makes us wonder how these plastics are showing up nearly everywhere.

In short: it’s from the plastic products that we use daily, and plastic razors are a major contributor. 

Last year my husband and I embarked on a mission to remove as much plastic from our house and personal care as possible, and came across an ad for Leaf Shave. We ditched our generic, plastic razor for Leaf’s plastic-free one and haven’t turned back. 

In this Leaf Razor review we’ll go over why you should ditch plastic razors, a few of their health concerns, and why we’re still loving our Leaf razor a year later. 

Leaf Razor Review | The Hive
Left: 1 year old Gillette, Right: 1 year old Leaf Razor

The problem with moisture strips & microplastics in razors 

The plastic used in these razors can degrade over time, potentially leading to the leaching of harmful chemicals. And the same goes for moisture strips – when was the last time you looked into what ingredients were in those?

When plastic razors with moisture strips are used to shave areas near lymph nodes, such as the underarms or groin, there’s a risk that these chemicals can enter the body more directly. 

Lymph nodes play a crucial role in filtering harmful substances and supporting the immune system. Introducing potential toxins to these areas could impede their function and present health risks.

Studies have indicated that certain plastics release estrogen-mimicking chemicals, which, when introduced to the body, can disrupt endocrine function (1). Given that lymph nodes are involved in hormonal regulation, using plastic razors near these areas may exacerbate the risk of hormonal imbalances and related health complications (2).

Meet the Leaf Razor: The viral plastic-free razor

Whether you’ve put any thought into what you’re shaving with or not, making the switch to a plastic-free razor makes a difference. A real difference. And we’ve only loved our switch over to Leaf Shave products. 

Leaf Shave is a company thats on a mission to revolutionize the way we purchase and use self-care items – and specifically, razors. The Leaf Razor product line offers high-end, all-metal razors that are specifically designed for your specific needs, whether you shave a beard or any sensitive areas. 

The brand is vocal about their mission to cut everyday plastic use and the importance of investing in a quality product that will last (and save you money in the long-term.) According to the company, Leaf Shave customers will keep nearly 3+ million disposable plastic razors out of landfill this year. Keeping plastic out of landfills keeps the integrity of our soil, water and our bodies in a much healthier state. 

Leaf Shave also does not contain moisture strips or any harmful chemicals on their razors. Why? Because they proved you can still get an amazing shave without the need for them. 

The Leaf Shave Razor Products

The Leaf Razor review

The Leaf Razor has an all metal handle, three blades, and a pivoting head for a comfortable and easy shave. This razor is designed to work just like the one’s you’ve gotten used to using, making it an easy switch. They come in a variety of beautiful colors and different starter kits to help “detox” your entire shave routine. 

Our Feedback:

  • Gives an exceptionally close shave. If you’re used to shaving quickly, be mindful that gong too fast might cause a razor burn. 
  • No moisture strip = no problem. The smooth metal feels amazing against my skin and the lack of moisture strip didn’t cause me any razor burn. 
  • The blades are fairly easy to swap out and dispose. 
  • Looks like a high-end accessory in our shower. leaf razor review

Leaf Single Edge Razor

At half the size of traditional safety razors, Leaf single-edge razors are designed to reach any area with ease. The Single Edge Razor has only one edge exposed (contrary to the traditional double-edge razor) which makes for a much safer shave in harder-to-reach areas.

Leaf single-edge razors are engineered to work like modern disposable razors that don’t have a pivoting head. Everything from the blade exposure, to angle and weight & balance are tuned for comfort, ease and familiarity.

There are two different models of the Single Edge razor:

Twig Razor: The Twig is the milder, gentler version of the two. A great choice for sensitive skin, or lighter hair.
Thorn Razor:  The Thorn is the more aggressive version. A great choice for coarser hair and ultra close shaves.
Our Feedback (Twig Razor)
  • The Twig still provides a solid shave even on more coarse hair.
  • A little adjustment going from a pivoting head to a solid head – but once you’re used to it, its fantastic. 
  • The screw is delicate and broke within a few months, so be mindful when tightening or adjusting blades. (The company sent me a replacement razor once I reached out.) leaf razor review

Leaf Dermaplaner

Leaf Dermaplaner is an all-metal, zero-waste facial razor designed for removing peach fuzz, maintaining facial hair, and exfoliating skin. 

Made from a beautiful all-metal handle, Leaf’s Dermaplaner is an affordable (<$1 for each treatment) spa treatment you can do from the comfort of your home. The precision clip that comes with the Dermaplaner shortens the blade exposure so you can get smaller-to-reach areas with ease (think eyebrows or upper lip.)

Our Feedback:

  • I was a little red after use, wasn’t prepared for it (it was also my first time dermaplaning)
  • Preparation is key. Make sure to wash your face and go SLOW in the direction of the hair.
  • Loved how it easily removed all the fuzz off of my face. Makeup and skincare went on extremely well immediately after.

Leaf Razor Pro’s

  • Zero plastic. As we mentioned above, we’re not a fan of plastic. It’s great knowing we’re saving razors from the landfill and dodging any harmful effects plastic has on our bodies. 
  • 100% recyclable. Unless you’ve broken your razor, you won’t have a need to really dispose it any time soon… but if you do, you can happily throw it right into the recycle bin. 
  • Sleek and beautiful design. 
  • Provides an amazing shave. 
  • Most cost-effective option long-term. 
  • No moisture strip/toxic chemicals. 
  • Great customer support. 

Leaf Razor Cons

  • More of an investment upfront. This was, by far, the most I’ve spent on a razor. Although we have not needed to purchase any additional blades or refills since receiving our starter kits over a year ago which has saved us money since. 
  • Must be comfortable changing razor blades. You’ll need to be careful swapping them out and disposing them. But if you purchase the starter kit, you’ll receive a blade disposal box which makes the process easier.
  • The back screw broke off after a few months. This came to me by surprise, for how much I spent on the razor. Although, I reached out to the company and sent them a picture and they quickly sent me a new razor to replace it. 

Final thoughts – Is a Leaf Shave razor worth it?

The Leaf Shave Razor stands out for its innovative design, environmental sustainability, and versatile functionality. The entire Leaf Shave line offers a solution to the environmental issues caused by disposable plastic razors while providing a high-quality, customizable shaving experience. The durable construction, coupled with the ease of use and maintenance, make it a valuable tool for anyone looking for an eco-friendly and non-toxic shaving alternative. 

Shop Leaf Shave Products

Leaf Razor

Twig Razor

Leaf Dermaplaner

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