Trust Your Gut: My 2022 Ion Gut Support Review

In yet another quarantine adventure, the lovely curator of this blog reminded me that “gut health” is the new “it” thing (scratch that, THE thing.)  Considering the government and hysterical media has us feeling like we’ll drop dead if we even leave the house, our immune systems are not getting the exposure to varying environments necessary to keep them strong.  Add that to the increased use of heavy disinfectants, hand sanitizers and hand washing, you have a perfect recipe for how to ultimate destroy your “microbiome” – better known as your body’s own protective barrier of various bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that form the backbone of your immune system (and really, your entire being.) ion gut review

Enter ION* Gut Support.  What is ION* Gut Support, you ask? Well, it’s basically dirt water in a bottle.  Developed by Dr. Zach Bush, this liquid supplement was designed to build a better foundation for your microbiome to flourish. The main ingredient? Soil-derived carbon molecules (branded as Terrahydrite®.) Have you ever noticed that the kid who played in the dirt as kid always seemed to be healthier, more energetic and resilient than the kid who grew up with their mom sanitizing every surface the kid touched?  There’s a reason for that.  The kid who grew up playing in the dirt received the benefit of having interacted with billions of microorganisms, minerals, and various organic matter that provided his immune system with enough stimulus to develop robust defenses.  Little Johnny who had to use Purell any time he touched a doorknob? Not so much. ion gut health review

What does Ion Biome Gut Health do?

Effectively, ION* Gut Support provides your body with a gut “stimulus” that you have been lacking due to stay at home orders. ION* Gut Support was designed to support the body’s production of beneficial enzymes through redox signaling (cellular communication).  It provides you with, quite literally, soil-derived compounds which have been clinically studied and proven to help improve gut health, mental clarity and immune function.  Not only that, it can help offset degeneration of your gut wall brought on by glyphosate and pesticide-laden food, as much of the American food chain is.  It can help improve nutrient absorption and reduce inflammation, all while creating the perfect ecosystem for your microbiome to flourish in.  All it takes is one pump before meals, three times a day.

Why did I try Ion Gut Health?

Well like most things in 2020, it’s just another day in the apocalypse, so “why not?”  I had just finished doing a five-day fasting mimicking diet (which you can read about here) in an effort to detox my body from a month of quarantine stress eating.  As a result, I did not want to go back to the same old same old of abusing my gut with copious amounts of coffee, booze and semi-unhealthy food. Liz has been using Ion Biome (formerly called Restore) for years and raved about it’s benefits. So, I decided to give ION* Gut Support a try to see if I could sustain the positive results of my fasting, and also keep my immune system and microbiome intact as I navigated a landscape of germaphobes and caustic cleaning chemicals. ion gut health review

How easy is ION* Gut Support to take?

Exceptionally.  It comes in a pump bottle.  One pump, with each meal of the day, and you’re set. 

What does ION* Gut Support taste like? 

Think salty coconut water, but really, there’s no real taste to it. Although I don’t have kids, I can’t imagine children having any trouble with the taste of the product either. ion biome review

How long does a bottle of ION* Gut Support last?  

A pretty good amount of time.  A standard bottle has approximately 180 doses so, assuming three meals a day, a bottle should last the average user about two months.  So, a little does go a long way.

How do I like it? 

I like it a lot.  My gut health and, uh, regularity has greatly improved.  While I was studying for professional licensure exam a few years back, I destroyed my gut with heavy doses of stimulants to keep up with the study workload.  That and combined with a toxic amount of stress resulted in me having stress-induced IBS, which still flares up from time to time.  However, with ION* Gut Support, my gut health has rapidly improved, my mental clarity is better, my metabolism is back up. ion gut health

Who should take ION* Gut Support? 

Anyone who’s looking to keep their gut health up.  Whether you’re concerned about your immune function or pesticides in food, ION* Gut Support can help mimic the days of when you were a kid playing in the dirt and provide your body with essential minerals that it can only get if it is interacting fully with the world around it. The company also has products for kids and pets, and given the low-to-no side effects of the product, it’s something that nearly everyone in your family can benefit from.  ion biome reviewion gut health

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