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Want to try Grove Collaborative? Here’s what to get.

Here’s a big truth bomb for ya – we live in the most toxic era our planet has ever seen. From the furniture in our bedrooms to our daily household cleaners, chemicals are virtually everywhere and wreaking havoc on our bodies and earth. And at the rate we’re consuming, there’s no better time than now to start a conscious consumption practice. Grove European dish cloth

Lucky enough, we also live in an era where clean, sustainable and affordable options are out there for the items we use most. The best (and easiest) way to make an immediate impact is by starting with the items you use every day. 

I was introduced to the Grove Collaborative a few months back and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. They’re the Mecca for everything you need for a sustainable, non-toxic household. If you’re looking to get a little more *green* in 2020, here’s a few of my favorite items from Grove to help you make an impact on your health and the environment. Grove European dish cloth

European Dish Cloth

$5.95 for two

These aren’t just a paper towel alternative. Keep one in your bathroom and a few in your kitchen to absorb messes, water around the sink and spills. When they’ve had enough filth, throw them in the dish washer to quickly disinfect (yes, the dishwasher.) It’s an easy way to reduce your paper towel use. Grove European dish cloth

Reusable Bag Essentials Set


A sustainable — and pretty cute — alternative to disposable plastic bags. Grove’s reusable bags are made from a food-safe BPA and phthalate-free material. And if you’re curious, they’re leak-proof, easy to clean and great to use for travel organization. Grove European dish cloth

Makeup Remover Towel

It sounds crazy – but all you need to remove your makeup is just water and this magic towel. Effortlessly take off even the toughest waterproof makeup with no residue left behind. This towel lasts for hundreds of washes and removes the need for harsh makeup removers + disposable cotton rounds. (If you don’t believe us, check the reviews for yourself.) Grove European dish cloth

Grove collaborative review

Bees Wrap


We love Bee’s Wrap – a reusable, biodegradable alternative to plastic wrap. These wax-lined sheets reduce toxins in our food storage and unnecessary waste in our landfills. It’s great for wrapping fruit, cheese, bread, sandwiches, for covering bowls, wrapping snacks+ most things you’d typically use plastic wrap for. 
$18.95 for 3, Medium-sized wraps.

Grove collaborative review

Method Shower Spray


I think it’s safe to say that the least favorite place to clean is the bathroom – and specifically, the shower and tub. 

Most commercial cleaners can scrub away soap scum with very little effort, although quite a few have been rated an F on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) toxicity scale. 

We love Method Shower Spray because it’s easy and it actually works. Just spray down the entirety of your shower and tub immediately after use and it’ll stay clean and smell refreshing (and not like you’re showering in bleach.) Grove European dish cloth Grove collaborative review

Grove collaborative review

Walnut Scrubber Sponge

$4.95 for two
While these sponges may be more pricey than the average, they lack the “dirty sponge” smell and manage to work better than most. Made from walnut scour (ground walnut shells with recycled fibers), 100% all-natural plant based cellulose, non-toxic adhesive – no pre-treated chemicals like your average sponge. Grove European dish cloth Grove collaborative review

Grove collaborative review



We all know that chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, and many conventional floor cleaners contain chemicals that are no joke. We love Grove’s Floor Cleaning Concentrate’s powerful (and plant-based) ingredients and natural scent. The kit comes with a reusable glass spray bottle and concentrate that you mix with water. It’s safe for use on all hard floors, including finished wood.Grove European dish cloth Grove collaborative review

Grove collaborative review

featured image: @grovecollaborative

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