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It’s safe to say most men don’t prioritize high-quality underwear. The easier, more mindless option is to purchase a cheap multipack of boxers on Amazon over something with style or longevity. Or better yet, to wait til your underwear resembles Swiss cheese before considering swapping them out. 

I wasn’t concerned with such things either, until my wife got a package delivered in the mail for my package. After that, luxury underwear became a necessity, not an option. 

Introducing CDLP – a Swedish design house that creates some of the highest quality basics made with conscious construction.  Here’s why we love the brand – and more importantly, why it’s time to ditch your cheap twelve-pack of briefs. cdlp review

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Behind The Brand

CDLP made their mark in the men’s fashion world back in 2016 when friends Andreas Palm and Christian Larson launched their first line of luxury, sustainable underwear. Fast forward to 2022, CDLP has landed the headlines of some of fashion’s biggest publications while extending their product to more basics, swimwear, activewear, loungewear. And to take it further, they even introduced their new line of women’s basics to expand their reach.

So what is it that “brands” a clothing brand as luxury? The materials are a start. We love that CDLP prioritizes sustainable materials, but its’ the fact that they’re sustainable and comfortable as hell that land it a spot on the shelves at some of the finest retailers.

And let’s talk about the fit. Perfectly supportive, soft, and doesn’t stretch out nearly as fast as my cotton underwear. 

But it’s not just the materials – the CDLP brand itself makes you want to step up your wardrobe game. There’s something to say about the Scandinavian style of simplicity and quality, and CDLP just nails it. Sure, their models resemble Grecian gods and can probably make a trash bag look like high fashion. But their entire line makes even the least fashionable man look like he put some effort into his outfit. cdlp review

What sets CDLP apart

The CDLP brand is truly perfect the intersection between luxury and conscious construction. As we mentioned above, each item in their collection is carefully created with sustainable manufacturing and future-oriented, eco-conscious materials that feel even better than they look. 


Just one look at their “About” page and you’ll see how open they are about their product manufacturing and sustainable practices. They even go as far as putting in writing “what’s to come” of their efforts and sharing the why behind the materials chosen for the products. This type of brand transparency is the bar that should be set for luxury fashion brands. 


CDLP’s products are developed with in Sweden & consciously constructed in Portugal.  The company is in the process of building traceability into their Lyocell garments through the use of blockchain tech and TextileGenesis™, which gives their shoppers more detailed insight on across the entire supply chain. cdlp review


Each pair of CDLP’s underwear is made from Lyocell, a sustainable fabric crafted from eco-friendly, silky-soft wood pulp. Unlike traditional cotton, Lyocell requires less water, land and chemicals during manufacturing. Additionally, it’s naturally anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking and holds it’s shape much better than cotton – exactly what you want in a pair of underwear.

CDLP also uses ECONYL® for their swimwear – another future-forward, eco-friendly material that utilizes recycled plastic to create the yarn. When you’re wearing clothing from these types of materials, you can know that you’re supporting more ethical manufacturing practices that do way less harm for the planet and people behind the scenes. 


Fabric quality is often compromised in sustainable clothing brands, and that’s not the case with CDLP. You won’t need to question if quality matches the price point – you’re investing in quality items that will last you seasons to come. cdlp review

CDLP’s women’s collection of core products

Our final thoughts? It’s Worth the splurge

When you start your day by throwing on a pair of high-quality clothing, it leaks into other areas of your day. We can argue that it even ups your standards for yourself and lifestyle. cdlp review

Upgrading my basics to CDLP was something I should’ve done a while ago. Yes – the luxury basics do come with a luxury price tag. But I’ll happily invest in quality clothing that I know will outlive my other cheaper basics while supporting a brand that just does it right all-around. 


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