Gauch-yo Meat? Our Carne Collective Review – Regenerative Meat from Argentina

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Meat subscription boxes are all the rage – and it’s easy to see why.  They’re convenient, quick, and the quality of meat is far and away superior to the store-bought variety (at least in the supermarkets – although nothing beats your local butcher though).  Now, what if you wanted to taste that foreign beef, world renowned for its quality, without having to hop on a plane somewhere? Well now you can – meet Carne Collective. carne collective review

Carne Collective – an Argentinian Meat Subscription

Carne Collective is a meat subscription service that offers a solid variety of grass-fed, grass-finished Argentinian beef.

Born and raised on a family ranch in Buenos Aires, Carne Collective co-founder Fernando wants to share his passion for Argentinian beef with the world. 

The other Carne-half, Michael Javaherian, wanted to usher in a new standard of beef to the U.S. market. Carne Collective is the first subscription meat company to bring Angus Argentinian beef to the U.S. at a nation-wide level.

Carne Collective | The Hive

Why We Love Carne Collective

Carne Collective Quality

If there’s one thing you should know about Argentina, the country is  known for their beef. 

Carne Collective’s quality of meat is exceptional. The company takes pride in their family-owned farms based out of Las Pampas, Argentina.  The gauchos watch over their cattle with minimal interference – meaning ZERO antibiotics or  hormones, no feedlots – just as nature intended. And it seriously makes a difference in the taste.

Carne Collective Takes Sustainability Seriously

Sustainable meat? Yes, its possible. Carne Collective has taken careful consideration to reduce their carbon footprint throughout their entire  process. 

The Collective’s farmers use regenerative farming practices when it comes to raising their cattle. Not only does regenerative farming provide a healthy and humane life for the animals, but also rebuilds the soils microbiome and promotes soil integrity for generations to come. By promoting a grass-fed diet for their cattle, it significantly reduces the amount of ozone-harming methane gas released into the atmosphere. Grass-fed beef actually sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and has the ability to turn dead land into beautiful, healthy grasslands. 

All Carne Collective orders also arrive in  carbon neutral-boxes keeping the positive cycle moving. Carne collective review

Carne Collective | The Hive

Carne collective review

Carne Collective Ordering Is EASY

Here’s the breakdown: First, you’ll select one of its three core Boxes . Each core box offers a different selection of cuts that are curated every month by the Collective’s butchers. Next, you’ll choose your delivery frequency. It can come every two, four, or eight weeks. You can also customize or add any additional cuts to whatever package you pick. Carne collective review

Will we order Carne Collective Again? Yes. 100% yes.

Prices are also quite reasonable, with boxes running between $129 and $249, or around $4.25 per serving. Carne collective review

If you’re looking for a great way to source grass-fed, grass finished beef right to your doorstep,  look no further.  Carne Collective is worth every penny – you’ll thank us later. 

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