11 Products We Tried & Loved Last Month

Liz Smith

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Another new month means another round-up of our favorite products we’ve tested out from the month prior. The themes: transitional clothes, lymphatic drainage and one pan we’ve been using on repeat. 

Tried any of the products below? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

360 Cookware

10 Inch Fry Pan

This stainless steel pan has a cult following for a reason. 100% non-toxic and officially our #1 recommended pan. 

25% off code: THEHIVE

Heart & Soil

Joint Strength & Repair

Heart & Soil’s latest drop. Bioavailable formula that stimulates collagen production and reduces inflammation.

10% off code: THEHIVE


The Casual Clog

Perfect for taking the dog out and cute enough to compliment any outfit. They’re even machine-washable and molds perfectly to your foot.  


Hydraberry Moisture Mask

Designed for acne-prone skin, this mask will give you breakout-free hydration. 

Taylor Stitch

Aprés Pant

Cozy-yet-upscale joggers from our go-to men’s clothing company. 100% organic cotton. 

Organic Basics

Core Cotton Collection

This organic cotton collection from Organic Basics has been worn on repeat by our entire team. It’s also one of the more affordable lines we’ve come across!

10% off code: LIZSMITH10


Merino Wool Line

Our new go-to line of natural-fiber clothing (buttery-soft merino + organic cotton) for the entire family. 

TSC Le Spoon | The Hive

The Skinny Confidential

Le Spoon Body Sculpter

TSC’s newest product designed to massage, sculpt, and optimize your body for lymphatic detoxification.

Hostage Tape

Mouth Tape

A game changer for better sleep & snoring. It’s the comfiest mouth tape I’ve tried that actually stays put. 

The Golden Secrets

Goddess Shaping Body Oil

One of the only low-PUFA body oil’s we’ve come across. Designed to promote circulation and minimize appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. 

10% off code: THEHIVE10

Branch Basics

Dishwasher Tabs

I’m not going to lie – these have *very* mixed reviews by customers – but they work like a charm in our dishwasher. We think it’s worth giving them a try to detox (yet another) daily routine. 

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