I Finally Upgraded to “Adult” Bedding at Age 31

Hannah Gerber

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Luxurious bedding is something that always felt like it was meant for other people but not meant for me. My bedding collection has typically been an assortment of whatever Target was carrying and hand-me-down “nice” sheets from my parents (I’m realizing how weird that is as I type it). When my husband and I bought a nice  mattress in February 2021, we opted for a bedding bundle that came discounted with the purchase of said mattress. These sheets were *allegedly* a $400 value, and I was so excited to finally have cozy sheets.Long story short,  I was so disappointed. They weren’t that soft. They wrinkle more than I realized fabric could. They didn’t feel special, and they felt like a downgrade for our high-quality mattress.

Sleep has always been important to me – I’m one of those people that goes to bed before 10 PM and wakes up with the sun or earlier. It was time to invest in sheets that would enhance one of my favorite activities – sleep. That said, I’m proud to say we are now the owners of Sijo’s Eucalyptus Sheet Set and French Linen Duvet Cover.

First impressions: the eucalyptus sheets are silky but not slippery. SO soft. Beautifully pigmented. The linen is much softer than other linen I’ve experienced. The only word that keeps coming to mind is luxurious. Also, get yourself some linen that doesn’t need a break-in period. To be honest, I rarely do the recommended “wash before use” on anything that I purchase, so I can confirm that both textiles are soft right out of the bag. I may not be the pickiest person when it comes to bedding (you already knew that, see: parents’ old sheets), but I do love to feel like I’m being taken care of by the products I choose to spend money on. And I think that’s my favorite thing about my Sijo bedding. They feel thoughtful. I feel like I am taking care of myself every time I slip under the sheets.

We’re big on sleep health at The Hive, and high quality bedding is one way to improve yours. A non-negotiable for me is sustainability, and Sijo ticks all the boxes. All of Sijo’s bedding is OEKO-TEX certified – no harmful chemicals are used throughout the entire process of making their bedding. Their eucalyptus sheets are 100% TENCEL™ lyocell, meaning they’re made from a blend of sustainably farmed eucalyptus and other wood sources. Its French Linen flax is sourced in small batches in Normandy. It’s also stone washed, which explains the immediate coziness.

Speaking of sleep health + hygiene, Sijo’s coconut wax blend candles have majorly upped my pre-bedtime ritual. I burn my Lavender Chamomile candle for about an hour as I read in bed – lavender always helps shut my brain down for the night. The coconut wax burns nice and clean, and the wooden wick makes that crackling sound we all know and love. I appreciate the way that Sijo prioritizes sleep beyond just bedding. They understand that wellness goes beyond the fabrics you choose to rest your head on. 

Next on my list to try (I know, I’m obsessed) is Sijo’s thermo-regulating CLIMA bedding. Reading about this product, it almost feels too good to be true! When your body gets too warm, the CLIMA fabric absorbs heat. As your body cools, it redistributes the warmth to keep you at an optimal sleep temperature all night. It’s also great for couples who sleep at different temps – which is… nearly all the couples I know. I have my eye on the CLIMA mattress pad to complete my Sijo fabric trifecta.

TL;DR if you’re still sleeping on bedding that you bought because it was all you could afford at the time, it’s time for an upgrade, and I highly recommend Sijo.

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